Thursday, January 19, 2012

GMA Network Off to a Strong Start in 2012; Continues to Beat ABS-CBN and TV 5

Coming from a yearlong success in topping the nationwide ratings chart, GMA Network, Inc. (GMA) is off to a strong start this 2012 as it further solidifies its position as the premier free-to-air channel among Filipino households.

According to January 1 to 12 (January 8 to 12 based on overnight readings) data from broadcast industry's more trusted ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement, GMA's nationwide ratings performance further advances while competitors ABS-CBN and TV5's suffer shortfalls.
"From a total day average household audience share of 34.2 points for 2011, GMA's share increased to 37.3 points for the first 12 days of 2012. In contrast, ABS-CBN's share dropped to 29.1 from 31.1 points, and TV5's slid from 15.6 to 14.8 points for the covered period.
Based on an estimated five viewers per household, GMA's 8.2 point lead over ABS-CBN nationwide translates to almost 1.5 million viewers, while its 22.5-point difference over TV5 converts to around four million viewers who preferred to watch Kapuso programs over those of the two mentioned channels.
The trending of channel performance remains the same in the important area of Urban Luzon, which covers 77% of total television households nationwide. In the said area, GMA increased its 2011 total day average household audience share from 37.8 to 40.4 points this partial January.
Meanwhile, ABS-CBN's audience share dropped from 26.4 to 25.6; TV5's fell from 16.8 to 14.7 points.
GMA's 14.8-point lead over ABS-CBN translates to around two million viewers and its 25.7-point lead over TV5 converts to around 3.6 million viewers who chose to watch GMA over the mentioned channels in Urban Luzon for the said period.
In Mega Manila, an area particularly important to the advertisers as it comprises 59.5% of total television households nationwide, only GMA seems to exclusively penetrate the bulk of its audiences since 2003.
From a total day average household audience share of 38.7 in 2011, GMA's share rose to 41.5 points. ABS-CBN, on the other hand, delivered a lower 23.8 share points performance this partial January as against its 24.9 average in 2011. TV5's performance in the area dove by two points from 17.6 points in 2011 to just 15.6 this partial January.
GMA's 17.7-point lead over ABS-CBN translates to about two million viewers, and its 25.9-point lead over TV5 converts to around 2.9 million viewers who preferred to watch GMA over the said channels in Mega Manila for the said period.
For the first quarter of 2012, the Kapuso Network is set to launch grand program offerings both on primetime and afternoon blocks.
Alongside the Network's growing nationwide audience, GMA prepares innovative offerings on-air and online, which can provide the best platform for its partner-advertisers.

Text Courtesy of GMA Network
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