Friday, December 9, 2011

Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2011 Update: Top 3 as of December 9

2 shows from ABS-CBN 2 and 1 from GMA-7 grabbed the Top 3 spot as of 8:30am today, December 9 for the Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2011 Poll.

With 11,632 cast votes (from Facebook and Website), “My Binondo Girl”, “Maria La Del Barrio” and “Amaya” are currently on the top 3 spots. Can they sustain the lead?
Check out the current no. of votes of our 28 primetime shows vying for the title “Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2011”.

There are two ways to Vote:

First, through this website! The voting poll is located at the upper right side. You can vote for a maximum no. of 3 shows (at a single time only). As you cast your vote, you will not be able to vote again. As much as possible we avoid the repeat voters that’s why we set the poll in option to block duplicate voters. Reminder: Cast your votes until December 12, Monday @ 10pm.

Second, through our Official Facebook Page. Just proceed to the “Photos” section and click the album “Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2011”. Then, choose the image of your liked TV shows and click on the word “LIKE” located below of the image. You can like more than one show! Important Note: In order to count your votes, you must be a fan of our Facebook Page. Voting will be closed on December 31, Saturday at exactly 10pm.

Only the first 3 primetime soap operas that will get huge votes at the end of voting on December 31 will be declared winners! As like what we did last year, we will not emphasize or stress which show got a highest total votes or the soap opera that landed to the no. 1 position. Pinoybizsurfer assures that we will give a fair and equal exposure to those 3 primetime soap opera winners as we announce and declare them.
So surfers, cast your votes now and be you’re bet as one of this year’s “Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas”.

Photos Credit: ABS-CBN (MBG & MLDB) and GMA-7 (Amaya)
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