Monday, November 14, 2011

GMA-7's Danserye 'Time Of My Life' Now On Its Final Week

An overflow of dance and emotions awaits viewers in the last week of GMA-7's danserye Time Of My Life.

On Monday (November 14), the primetime drama series revisits its first big dance scene when it premiered last July. In the said scene, Lisa (Jean Garcia) announces her retirement as Dancing Queen. But an accident happened on stage, which placed both Shane (Kris Bernal) and Zaira (LJ Reyes) in critical condition. Will this event help reveal or further conceal the truth that Shane is Lisa and Fred's (Raymond Bagatsing) long-lost daughter?
And even as the drama series nears its finale, Martha (Cherie Gil) is not giving up on making Lisa's life miserable. This time, she connives with Zaira to create more problems for both Lisa and Shane.

Viewers are also excited to know what will happen to Fred and Lisa's love story as well as Shane's choice between Patrick (Mark Herras) and Jason (Roco Nacino). Will Fred and Lisa still have their chance even if the latter is still married to Gregory (Emilio Garcia)?  And who has really captured Shane's heart--Patrick, whom she loved first, or Jason, whom she also holds dear to her heart?
Even the show's fans are torn between the two good-looking dancers. In the Facebook page of Time Of My Life, supporters of both Patrick and Jason are very much active. Some say that Shane should end up with Patrick because he is her first love. Others prefer Jason because he has been in love with her since the beginning.

Jive with the Time Of My Life cast until their huling hataw on Friday, November 18. Time Of My Life airs before Big Thing from Monday to Thursday and before Bubble Gang on Friday on GMA-7 Telebabad.

Courtesy of GMA Network
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