Monday, September 26, 2011

Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity of 2011 – The Final 15

The first round is over! After almost one month of voting, Pinoybizsurfer accumulated a total of 17,730 sole cast votes to all who join to vote in our annual poll, the Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity.

The voting was started last week of August and just ended last Saturday night, September 24. As what we emphasized during the selection, the 12 female stars that will get the lowest votes will be eliminated and will not make it to the final round.
Below was the finishing rank of the 15 pinay celebrities corresponds with the total votes and it’s percentage they’ve received.

For the meantime, here is the list of Female Celebrities who almost made it to our Final 15:

Next month, we will be going to officially open the final round that will take place in our Official Facebook Page. Make sure you’ve already “like” our facebook page for you to be able to participate and interact in the final round.
All the votes they received in the initial round will not be counted and added to the scores that they will get in the final round. All votes are going back to zero. Other further details will be stated for the upcoming days. But for now, Congratulations to the 15 Celebrities who made it to the final round! : ) Spread the good news NOW!
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