Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jealousy, Love and Obsession Take Centerstage in ‘Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit’

Beginning September 19, GMA Network fires up its unbeatable afternoon block with an absorbing provocative drama series that promises to steal the televiewers' hearts with the premiere of KUNG AAGAWIN MO ANG LANGIT.

Introducing the fresh and promising love triangle of Michelle Madrigal as the ambitious self-asserive Bridgitte Samonte, Mike Tan as the happy-go-lucky Jonas Alejandro and Carla Abellana as the unassuming and kindhearted Ellery Martinez, this original offering follows the interviewed lives of two women bound by forces of envy, love and revenge.
After emerging into stardom through several performances in various afternoon and primetime soaps, Starstruck 2 Ultimate Male Survivor and one of Kapuso Network's homegrown matinée idol Mike Tan shares billing with these two capable actresses as he proves he has the chops to play the role lead in this compelling TV series.
Completing the cast of this upcoming afternoon drama are Ricky Davao as Delfin Martinez, Ellery's devoted father; Shamaine Buenccamino as Marissa Martinez,Ellery's sympathetic mother; Ces Quesada as Leila Samonte, Bridgitte's conniving aunt;Paolo Ballesteros as Aloha, Bridgittes' gay friend--confidante; Jan Marini as Sonia Tercero, Ellery's loyal bestfriend; Kevin Santos as Lester Feliciano, Jonas' friend-confidante; Will Devaughn as Waldy Buenafe, Ellery's childhood friend and secret lover;Steph Henares as Janice Baluarte, Wally's close friend; and newcomer RJ Salvadoras Aaron.
Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit tells the story of high school pals Ellery (Carla) and Bridgitte (Michelle) Despite the apparent differences in their social status, the two girls become best of friends as they find themselves both sharing the same house and same set of parents. Ellery's father decided to adopt Bridgitte when he parents passed away.
As the years pass, Ellery fulfills her dream of becoming a teacher while Bridgitte turns into a fashion designer. While partying with friends, Bridgitte meets Jonas (Mike) and instantly falls head over heels in love with the charming bachelor. Much to her dismay, Jonas only has eyes for Ellery. The two hit off right away, so when Jonas proposed marriage to ellery, she readily accepted. Bridgitte, who is secretly hurting and overly jealous, gives way to their romance but bears a heacy grudge against Ellery.

The couple's marriage goes through a rough patch when Ellery discovers she cannot conceive a child. Desperate to have a baby, they resort to in vitro fertilization with Bridgitte gladly volunteering to be the surrogate mother in the hopes of winning Jonas'
love and attention. Everything seems to be working perfectly until Ellery gets into a car accident that leaves her in coma.
Jonas and ellery's parents are completely devastated by news that she may never wake up. Several months passed with Bridgitte finally giving birth to their baby while Ellery is srill unresponsive in her hospital bed. Bridgitte uses this opportunity to force Jonas to marry her for the sake of their child and urges him to annul his marriage with Ellery due to incapacity of wifely duties.
Now that Bridgitte finally gets Jonas and the life she has always wanted, how will she face the consequences if and when Ellery survives her unconscious state? Not only did Bridgitte destroy their marriage but also stole Ellery's husband. if she wakes up, will Ellery tooth and nail to claim what's rightfully hers? Will she exact revenge on the woman who ruined her once blissful life?
How will the former bestfriends resolve this conflict- wether legally or morally- especially when the lives of their loved ones are at stake?
Directed by Jay Altarejos and written by RJ Nuevas, Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit airs right after Sinner or Saint beginning September 19 on GMA-7's Dramarama sa Hapon.

Text and photo courtesy of GMA Network
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