Tuesday, May 24, 2011

‘Temptation of Wife’ scheduled to end this Friday after airing for seven months on GMA-7

Temptation of Wife, GMA-7's Koreanovela that dramatically changed the afternoon block, ends this Friday, May 27.

Since October last year, viewers have followed the story of the timid and submissive Angeline and felt for her when her husband and best friend's infidelity caused her to be the strong and vengeful Chantal.

They also witnessed how Angeline's life turned upside down once again when the real Chantal and Heidi, the main antagonist, joined forces to destroy her.
With its engaging and relatable plot, Temptation of Wife has captured the hearts of Filipinos. It is very well-received in the country that its ratings are almost at par with those of primetime shows.
On its finale week, Temptation of Wife answers questions that have kept viewers from switching channels from the beginning: How will Angeline's revenge to Marcel and Heidi end? What awaits Heidi after all her vileness and now that she is ill? Is there still a chance for Angeline and Nigel's love?

Anger ends, bitterness fades and love resurfaces. Do not miss the finale of the Koreanovela that made afternoon viewing more intense and empowering.

Temptation of Wife airs everyday until this Friday (May 27) after My Lover, My Wife on GMA-7.

courtesy of GMA Network
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