Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kylie Padilla will star in GMA-7's new afternoon drama series, ‘Blusang Itim’

Just as many people got captivated by Snooky Serna's role as Jessa, GMA-7 is certain that Kylie Padilla would be as mesmerizing in the TV adaptation of the 1980's movie, Blusang Itim.

Although more than two decades have passed, it is undeniable that Elena Patron's comics and the movie remain to be popular. Many are excited to watch it again, this time on TV, for the story is even more gripping as it revolves around the fashion industry.

Aside from being the first lead role of Binoe's daughter, Blusang Itim is also the first drama of Winwyn Marquez, daughter of Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno.

Meanwhile, the series is the first TV show of the Master Rapper's son, Frank Magalona, as he joins his celebrity siblings in showbiz.

GMA brought together these children of renowned artists for this very special offering. Carl Guevarra also joins this lineup of up-and-coming stars as he plays the other leading man in the story.

With Jackielou Blanco, Rita Avila, Gary Estrada, Marissa Delgado, Bodie Cruz, Chariz Solomon, Lucho Ayala and Andrea Torres.

Blusang Itim returns soon and it will be aired in GMA-7's Dramarama sa Hapon.

text courtesy of GMA Network
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