Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jennylyn Mercado will make a guest appearance in ‘Captain Barbell’

The supervillains, Puwersa ng Kadiliman and Nero, are in pursuit to eliminate the indestructible Liga ng Kalayaan in Captain Barbell.

Upon realizing the insurmountable strength of Captain Barbell (Richard Gutierrez), Nero (Christopher de Leon) decides to target the weaker members of the Liga instead.

His group abducts Hekki (Marky Lopez) and Janna (Solenn Heussaff) to serve as bait for Captain Barbell; while Anino (Mike Tan) agrees to help Nero exterminate the ever-growing power of the Liga ng Kalayaan despite the dispute he had with his sister Blade Girl (Bea Binene).

Meanwhile, Blade Girl and Spin (Jake Vargas) engage in an argument of their own after Spin let off his ultra kinetic trumpo and hits Blade Girl. Could this be a sign of deeper conflicts ahead for the good superheroes?

The episode also introduces guest stars Jennylyn Mercado as Rose and Dino Guevarra as Dan, a well-off couple who wants to adopt Lelay (Jillian Ward). Knowing this, Captain Barbell faces a difficult situation, choosing to save the world or to save Lelay, the only family he has.

All these and more await viewers as the action and drama intensify in Captain Barbell right after 24 Oras only on GMA Telebabad.

text and photo courtesy of GMA Network
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