Monday, March 21, 2011

Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities for 2011 – ‘The Ultimate Battle’

The heat is on! Voting is now officially open for the final round of Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities for 2011 Poll.

Voting for your favorite male celebrity is very easy! Simply follow these 3 steps:

1. Go to our Official Pinoybizsurfer Facebook Page and click the “LIKE” button. If you already “LIKE” our Page, proceed to the next step.

2. After you LIKE our page, you can now proceed to the “Photos” section and click the album “Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities for 2011 – The Ultimate Battle” which shows the photos of the Final 15 Pinoy Celebrities.

3. To vote for your Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities for 2011 contender/s, just choose the image of your liked celebrity to enlarge the photo and click on the word “LIKE” located below of the image. And presto! Your vote/s IN!

Note: Again, you must be logged-in to your FB account and must be a fan of our Facebook Page in order to cast and count your vote.

The Ultimate Battle begins today, March 21 and will be closed on April 3, Sunday at 10pm. This round will decide who 3 Pinoy Celebrities among the Final 15 will be hailed as Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities for 2011. The 3 pinoy stars that will receive the highest votes as the final round close will be declared as the outstanding winners!
Important Reminders: Like what we did in the female version poll last year, the site will not highlight or stress who’ve got a highest total votes or the male star who landed to the no. 1 spot. Pinoybizsurfer creates this kind of poll to find out the three male stars that well-liked by the online surfers nowadays. Not like with other online polls, we want to give honor not just only for one star but our team decided to expand it with an utmost of three winners.
We seem during our deliberation, possibly mostly of our readers will not vote for only one star. Maybe two, three or more stars. All the 50 Pinoy actors that have been selected since the poll open deserve the annual title for the reason that we know the hard and best effort and work of all the nominees to make our Pinoy watching TV habit possible through their shows. We assure in all our online readers that we will give a fair and equal treatment and exposure to those three male stars grand winners as we declare them.
The Ultimate Battle will start at 12nn today, so stay tune for that! Be sure to vote for your favorite contender/s and be your favorite nominee/s will be this year’s Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities! Every vote cast for the FINAL 15 PINOY STARS is very VITAL. You may spread this poll to your online friends and don’t let your bet to miss the opportunity to be included as one of the 3 male stars that well-like and love by most of the online surfers nowadays.

photo credits to respective owners
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