Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Dwarfina' takes a romantic turn this week

Dwarfina takes a romantic turn this week as Fina/Yna (Heart Evangelista) makes an important decision that could permanently change her relationship with Lyndon (Dennis Trillo).

Fina (Heart Evangelista) finally admits her true feelings to Lyndon when the latter was almost knocked unconscious after falling from a tree.

But while in the midst of trying to convince Yna to free herself from Selya (Chanda Romero) and Marissa (Janice de Belen), Lyndon receives a phone call, which brought bad news about her sister Chloe (Kylie Padilla).

Chloe was caught shop-lifting from Lucille's (Iwa Motto) boutique giving Lucille another reason to blackmail Lyndon, who just learned about her sister's real financial situation. As it turns out, the family who adopted Chloe in the U.S. went bankrupt and that she has no one to turn to but her brother.

Meanwhile, Fina musters up the courage to tell Lyndon that she and Yna are the same persons hoping that Lyndon would understand why she simply couldn't leave Kardo (Cris Villanueva), Marissa and Selya. Will she reveal her real identity to Lyndon before Lucille manages to interfere?

Back in the duwende kingdom, a devastated Elvin (Will Devaughn) plans to travel to the mortal world to save Dwarfina. But while carrying out his mission, Selya catches Elvin and beats him up until he could no longer move. Who will rescue Elvin from such unfortunate situation?

Prepare to fall in love as Dwarfina continues to bring joy to televiewers weeknights after 24 Oras on GMA Telebabad.
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