Monday, March 28, 2011

Cinema One Originals Now On DVD!

Premiere movie channel in the Philippines, Cinema One, very proudly offers the highly-anticipated Cinema One Originals on DVD!

Featuring the selected, controversial and award-winning movies of the Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival from 2005 to 2010, these great movies are Confessional, Yanggaw, Wanted:Border and Paano Ko Sasabihin and are now available at only P350.00 from all branches of Astro Plus, Astro Vision, Odyssey, O Music, Fully Booked and SM Record Bar.
Confessional (2008) is a mock-documentary movie by writers-directors Jerrold Tarog and Ruel Dahis. Citing one critic’s acclaim, ‘Confessional is an intelligent Blair Witch project of political thrillers. No wonder it was described “the most brilliant movie at the 10th Osian Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema” in New Delhi, India. The movie tells of Ryan a documentarian who visits Cebu to shoot the Sinulog Festival. There he meets politician Lito Calisto who commissions him to expose his own corruptive ways in front of the camera. Confessional won the Best Digital Movie in the 2008 Star Awards for Movies. It was also exhibited at the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea and the san Francisco International Film Festival in USA. Starting this month we can now get Confessional with the director’s commentary regarding his entire experience on helming this winning cinematic oeuvre.

Meanwhile, what will you do when a loved one very close to you gets afflicted with a disease that slowly turns her into…an aswang? This is the terrifying problem of a young girl in the winning Yanggaw. It won six major nominations in the PMPC Star Awards for Movies. Aside from its numerous nominations, it also won endless acclaim from critics. Directed by Richard Somes, this horror-drama won several major awards at the Gawad Urian. Veteran actor Ronnie Lazaro won Best Actor, Aleera Montalla won Best-Supporting Actress. In the Cinema One Originals Awards, Tetchie Agbayani won Best Supporting Actress, Joel Torre won Best Supporting Actor and the movie was voted as the best digital movie by the festival audience.

If Yanggaw is a demonic disease no one can triumph from, character Mama Saleng has a different but scary desire for the human flesh in the thriller Wanted:Border. Rosanna Roces portrays Mama Saleng who upon meeting undercover agent Jessie Beltran in Panay Island proved the witch that she really is. She enjoys murdering and cannibalizing on the flesh of her borders! Written and directed by Ray Defante Gibraltar, Wanted: Border made its own mark being one of the most unusual yet brilliant movies in the history of Philippine movies.
A quiet but sincere romance this time sweeps the hearts of a single young man and woman in the equally lovely Paano Ko Sasabihin. The much-talked about offering is tje debut movie pairing of Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales, who portrays two characters who meet and mistaken each other for being deaf-mute. But what will happen when they both find out neither of them is handicapped?! Will the love go sour or reverse to even become sweeter? Written and directed by Richard Soriano Legaspi, Paano Ko Sasabihin is a movie where the sound of language is not needed to show the beauty or love.
Start your own DVD collection of Cinema One Originals, distributed by Sony Music! Get your copies from leading video stores nationwide! This cinematic video treat is only from Cinema One, the number one movie channel in the Philippines!

Courtesy of ABS-CBN
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