Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards: Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2010 Winners

A fashion-serye, a drama-romance TV Series and an action-romance fantaserye rule and occupy the final top 3 spots for the first ever Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas conducted by Pinoybizsurfer for their 1st Annual Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards. 

And now, we would like to formally declare Magkaribal, Katorse and Imortal for being 2010’s Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas.

The three top-rating shows of ABS-CBN earned and gathered the most number of votes as the poll end last January 30. Imortal with 914 votes, Katorse with 480 votes and Magkaribal with 466 votes. But like what we pointed out in our previous blogs that the 3 Pinoy Primetime shows that rank the Final Top 3 spots will be declared and hailed as Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2010. 

Not like with other online polls, Pinoybizsurfer wants to give honor not only for one show but our team decided to expand it with a maximum of three winners. We seem during the on-going of the poll, possibly mostly of our readers voted for not only one show. Maybe two, three or more shows. All the 33 Pinoy shows that have been selected deserve the annual title for the reason that we know the hard and best effort and work of all the people behind each and everyone of these shows to make every TV series possible. Pinoybizsurfer created this poll to find out which among these prime classic soap operas of Pinoy Showbiz are much-liked by our target respondents, the online pinoy users/surfers.

The poll for the Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2010 Final Round started last January 8 and just ended last January 30, 2011. Pinoybizsurfer held the final round for the said Poll on our Official Facebook Page. Online users cast their votes by clicking “like” under the photo of their liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Opera/s. The poll gathered a total cast votes of 24,298 (first round-final round).

Here are the final results:

We would like to extend our thank you to all Pinoybizsurfer readers and supporters for the continuing support for this Award for our first ever Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards. We set another record and history guys! : ) 

Please continue to support our upcoming polls this 2011! Unfortunately, this will be the last award for our first ever Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards. It supposively ten awards but the main admin of the website decided to end it since it’s already 2011. Our very first annual poll for the 2011 is… “Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities of 2011” which will be open this week. Thank you again and Godbless Po : )0
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