Friday, February 11, 2011

Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities for 2011

The heat is on! Pinoybizsurfer is proudly to presents to you the first ever annual poll this 2011, the “Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities for 2011”. 

Last year, we surveyed to you the female edition of this the “Most Liked Pinay Celebrities of 2010” which many of you voted Angel Locsin, Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo as the three winners for the said yearly title. And for the brand new year, Pinoybizsurfer would like to ask you, who are you’re Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities for 2011?

50 hottest actors of this generation will be vying for the said title. 23 from kapamilya, 22 from Kapuso and 5 from Kapatid network. The voting for the First Round will begin today, February 11 and will close on March 4, Friday at exactly 10pm. For the result of the first round, the 20 male stars that will get the lowest votes will be eliminated and will not make advance to the next round of selection. All the rounds of voting will be take place in our Official Facebook Page. After the second round of voting, from 30 stars, only 15 male celebrities will make it to the FINAL ROUND and have an opportunity to be listed for this year’s “Most Liked Pinoy Celebrities”.

For the final round, three pinoy stars that will get the highest votes as the poll close will be declared grand winners! Note: Like what we did in the female version poll last year, we will not highlight or stress who’ve got a highest total votes or the male star who landed to the no. 1 spot. Pinoybizsurfer assures in all our online surfers that we will provide a fair and equal treatment and exposure to those three male stars grand winners as we announce them.

The other mechanics will be discussed and tackled as we go on to the next round. Again, the voting for the First Round will begin today, February 11 and will close on March 4, Friday at exactly 10pm. So stay tune for the opening of the FIRST ROUND later in our Official Facebook Page. 

For the meantime, spread this poll to your friends and don’t let your bet to be the least among other contenders as we open the poll later! See yaa! Oh, by the way the first set of nominees will be revealed later. Watch out for that! Kasama kaya ang idol mo? Alamin!
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