Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rod Santiago’s Buhawi Jack premieres this Saturday

The most stirring action adventure TV series will begin this Saturday! Rod Santiago’s Buhawi Jack top billed by the Action Drama Prince, Gerald Anderson will start to air this January 22.

Aside from Gerald, Jewel Mische will be also part of this action-adventure TV series which plays as love interest of Gerald. 

Bugoy Cariño will play and served as the sidekick of Gerald through their adventure. And for his acting debut, Raphael "Rap" Fernandez (the eldest son of Lorna & Rudy Fernandez) will be Gerald’s mortal enemy on this series. ‘Buhawi Jack’ will also showcases different styles and tricks of Pinoy martial art.

Join Jewel, Bugoy and Gerald as Buhawi Jack in their exciting venture starting on January 22, Saturday on ABS-CBN. Rod Santiago’s Buhawi Jack will be aired every Saturday.

(photo credits to respective owners)
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