Saturday, January 8, 2011

Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2010 – The Final Round

Good Afternoon readers! We’re now down to the last round of the poll. And Pinoybizsurfer is now officially open the final round for “Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2010” Poll. Again, the voting will be take place in our Official Facebook Page (click HERE to take you in our FB Page).


1. Go to our Official Pinoybizsurfer Facebook Page and click the “LIKE” button. If you already “LIKE” our Page, proceed to the next step.

2. After you LIKE our page, you can now proceed to the “Photos” section and click the album “Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2010 – The Final Round” which shows the official banner photos of the top 15 Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas.

3. To vote for your Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Opera/s, just choose the image of your liked primetime show/s and click on the word “LIKE” located below of the image. And presto! Your vote/s IN!

Note: Again, you must be logged-in to your FB account and must be a fan of our Facebook Page in order to cast and count your vote.

The final round starts today, January 8 and will be close on January 30, 2010 at exactly 10pm. Only the first 3 primetime soap operas that will get huge votes at the end of voting on January 30 will be declared winners! As like what we did in our first poll (Most Liked Pinay Celebrities of 2010), we will not emphasize or stress which show got a highest total votes or the soap opera that landed to the no. 1 spot. Pinoybizsurfer assures in all our readers that we will give a fair and equal treatment and exposure to those three primetime soap opera winners as we announce and declare them.

In the First Round, ‘Imortal’, ‘Mara Clara’ and ‘Magkaribal’ grabbed the momentum to become the “Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2010”. Will these three prime shows uphold their lead until the end?

So cast your vote now and continue to campaign your “Most Liked Pinoy Primetime Soap Operas of 2010”. This is the FINAL ROUND! So for every vote IN are very VITAL for FIFTEEN PRIMETIME SOAP OPERAS. Spread this poll to your friends and don’t let your bet to be the least among other contenders.
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