Friday, June 11, 2010

3 Grand Finale To Watch Out For

For ‘KAPAMILYA’ viewers out there. Mark your calendar for the schedules of the three big spectacular Grand Finale of the three top rating shows of Kapamilya network.

First, the ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ Grand Finals to be held on June 12 (Saturday). After thousands of talented Pinoy who’ve auditioned all over the Philippines, we are now down to 12 finalists who will be competed tomorrow to be the first ever Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Champion. Who among Jovit Baldivino, Ruther Urquia, Alakim (Allan de Paz), Markki Stroem, Velasco Brothers, Keith Clark Delleva, Ezra Band, Sherwin Baguion, Luntayao Family, Maria Jeline Oliva, Baguio Metamorphosis and Ingrid Payaket will be outstands and makes the Kapamilya viewers ‘WOW’ tomorrow at their performance night. Meanwhile, The results night will be held on June 13 (Sunday). We will find out who among these 12 will be proclaim and crown as the first ever ‘Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Champion’. I’m so excited for this! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Second, the ‘Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 Big Night’. Last night at the Concert of the housemates, Toni Gonzaga announce that the edition will finally ends more or less 2 weeks. We will find out who among these cute and jolly teen housemates will be the 3rd ‘PBB Teen Big Winner’. Let’s watch out for the specific date, time and place where the PBB Big Night will be held.

Third, the pre-noontime variety show ‘Showtime’ which premiered October 24, 2009 is comes closely to their first ever Grand Finals. Ms. Gladys Reyes said last night on SNN that the Grand Finals will be held on July 24 (Saturday). I’m not sure if Ms. Gladys will be one of the judges on the Grand Finals. But one thing for sure, July 24 will be a spectacular day for all Showtimers out there. Who among Kasibulan, Perlas ng Silangan, Mortal Combat and the Showgays, Beat Guys, Sensei, Savannah Kids Ballroom Dancers, Philippine Islands Assasin, Graffiti Motion and estimate two remaining upcoming grand finalists will be crown as the first ever Showtime Grand Winner. Let’s wait for updates if where this big day will be take place.

Three BIG shows of ABS-CBN. Three Big Grand Finals to watch out for.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zeaven28: My bet for FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman of 2010

Who is my bet for FHM Sexiest Women for 2010? This is my blog I posted June 1, 2010 (Tuesday). For those who did not yet read this blog, just click THIS. I said in my blog that I’ve already made a choice that who I will campaign and support for this year’s Sexiest Woman of FHM. For a blogger like me, I don’t see anything wrong if I will post my bet for this year poll by FHM. It’s my opinion and choice. Aside for being a blogger, I’m also a fan like you who want to support a single celebrity. I’ve decided to post it since hundreds of people email me and asking me on my Facebook Account who is my personal choice for this prestigious title. And the long wait is over. This is it!

FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman’. The most dominant word for this title is ‘Sexiest’. As an individual, we have different views and criteria about what is sexy is? But I think for this word ‘sexy’ that being stress by FHM is ‘the sexiest and stunning FIGURE or BODY’. Yes, we have numerous sexy Filipina celebrities nowadays but there is one that outstands and shines among the others. I just base my criteria in only one and that is ‘figure of body’. And I choose Ms. Angel Locsin as this year’s FHM Sexiest Woman. Why Angel? Just look for the FHM May 2010 issue (which Angel is the cover girl). Looks how fabulous her body was on that magazine. That’s it. I think this is the most astonishing cover that FHM have so far this 2010. And among her nine contenders for the no. 1 spot this year, Angel is exceptionally deserve to crown as FHM Sexiest Woman for 2010. “A body that will takes you feels in heaven”.

I’m encouraging other people to promote their own bet as what I did right now. Almost 5 days left to vote, so I encourage all the fans out there to vote their favorite female artist. So whatever happen, if Angel, Marian, Christine or other artists will win as this year Sexiest Pinay; guys let’s accept it! The one thing that we can do right now is VOTE, VOTE and VOTE. As what they said “Every second counts”. So don’t waste your time to accuse or argue with other people. The most important is to VOTE. With regards of manipulation issue, all I can say is that ‘God is always watching us’. Good night readers! Zeaven28 OUT.

5 Star Specials presents JC de Vera


After the Diamond star Ms. Maricel Soriano and one of the TV 5 biggest stars Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez, its John Carlo or better known by his screen name J.C. De Vera turns the spotlight to him to showcase his outstanding latent on acting. Showbiz Press is considered this as JC De Vera’s biggest show so far as ‘Kapatid’ that given to him by TV 5 Management.

Season Three Episodes: JC De Vera
  • TATO 45
  • Gabriel Molave
  • Kardong Kamao
  • Johnny Salamangkero
The Season 3 of 5 STAR SPECIALS presents JC DE VERA will start on June 16 every Wednesday at 08:30 pm only on TV5. For the sneak preview, click here.

(Note: image used is credits to TV5)

‘Here Comes The Bride’ gross P113.8 Million on its 4th Week Run

Even though the film did not surpass the box office sales of the current no. 1 Philippine movie of the year (Miss You Like Crazy), still ‘Here Comes The Bride’ is considered a blockbuster movie of 2010 and maintains the lead over the other movies like ‘You To Me Are Everything’. For the latest bulletin posted by Box Office Mojo, the said movie grossed P113.8 Million on its 4th week run in theaters nationwide. It safe to say that the movie ‘Here Comes The Bride’ is the second Philippine Box Office Movie of 2010

I envisage that the final gross of the movie will reach the P120 Million box office sales. Congratulations for the people behind this film! ‘Here Comes The Bride’ is still showing in theaters on its 5th week! The DVD copy will be release very soon. Watch out for that!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Angel Locsin & Aga Muhlach Movie: ‘Huling Sayaw’

Huling Sayaw’ is the working title movie of Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach on their first team up under Star Cinema

According to Aga in his interview in, he and Angel will be starting to shoot their movie on June 10, Thursday. Mr. Aga also tells their role of Angel in the film. According to him, they are both dancer in the movie. About the theme of the movie, it’s a love story but its different love story. Because politics will be involve, there are shooting of guns. So expect that the movie will be an action-drama. The story is very deep according to him. Mr. Aga emphasize It’s not a typical love story.

Jake Cuenca will be also part of the movie. According to Aga, he, angel and Jake will leave the country and continue to shoot the movie in Japan on June 15. They expected that they will shoot the movie in Japan for 10 days. ‘Huling Sayaw’ will be directed by the award winning director Olivia M. Lamasan (the director of the blockbuster movie ‘In My Life’ starring Ms. Vilma, John Lloyd and Luis). To read the full interview of Mr. Aga, just log on to abs-cbn official website.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Zeaven28: Ways to Use Your Unlimited Text Conveniently (Part 2)

If there’s no one really reply to your messages (friends, classmates or relatives) I think you can try this option. Bu it is more difficult than the other option because aside that you are the one who is responsible to your group/clan as a leader, your are also the one who will maintain and manage the organization as many people/texters that interested to join in your clan. The good thing about this, you will meet or discover new people that you can be as your new friend/textmate. But at the end of the day, the option is still in yours if you will make this clan stay longer or not. As I talk in some clan master, they said that as a clan master, 80-90% that you must have a load to update or inform the members with new comers and happenings.

Oops! Is your feeling getting out burst right now? Wait! Just read it first. In our bored mood, we try to find a way to fight this mood and find a thing that will make us happy and chill. Other people, they find a flame textmate (Ooh. So Hot!) While others send a message with unknown people. But another option that you can try to do “text your enemy”. For what reason? Duh! I don’t know too. I’m just blogging here okay! : ) In seriously note, the good purpose of this, is to have a conversation with him/her. In this case, there is possibility that both of you can make things right or settle all the bad memories that happened in both of you. But still it’s up to you what will be the outcome or result of your conversation. You know to yourself what things can make harmful or good to you. Good luck! Let’s go to the next option.

It’s up to your fingertips on how you will be sweet in your text. Always remember in your mind that it must be sincere and genuine. In your friends, lovers, classmates, parents or relatives. It’s up to you! You can send them a personal text asking them some questions that you showing care and love with them. Through this, he/she will feel that he/she was important to you.

Maybe you try all of this alternative option, and now we’ve reach to the next level. “Effort to the max”. Try to do all the option that stated a while ago if you think you can do all of this. Superhero? Just Kidding! Just make sure that your cellphone battery is in full charge mode. And that’s it! Flood them with text! You can also send different context of text. Like some part of the lyrics of a song, short stories or try to narrate or to tell what scenes that you’ve watch on TV. Good luck!

If you have an ability, knowledge and creativity to make quotes, lines or sayings, then this option is for you. Excellent! Continue this journey! Maybe in the mere future, you will be discover and be famous like Bob Ong in your wonderful talent. Always remember that you must not forget to indicate your name or codename in very quotes that you will send to be recognize that you’re the one who made it.

I hope that I help you in a small way on how you will conveniently use your unlimited text, there is more option you can do. Just always remember what is right and what is wrong. Maybe in just one text that you’ve send, your life or their views to you can possible to change. Just be yourself! Happy Texting!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Face to Face: Ruffa Gutierrez and Aiko Melendez

Another face of Ruffa Gutierrez that we will be watch out on 5 Star Specials: Ruffa Gutierrez this upcoming Wednesday. The title of the episode is “Ang Bestfriend Kong Kabit” together with Ms. Aiko Melendez which in character or in real life will plays as Ruffa’s BFF. And what is so special about this episode? The said episode is inspired by ‘talakserye’ by TV5 which is "FACE TO FACE" hosted by Amy Perez. The two artists will be arguing in the said show.

Apparently, the 5 Star Specials starring Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez originally has 5 episodes only. But due to positive feedbacks by the viewers to the show, TV5 Management decides to give another one episode starring Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez. This will serve as the farewell and final episode of Ruffa in 5 Star Specials. With Aiko Melendez, this is her comeback TV project since she gets on politics in last election.

Watch out for the final episode of Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez on 5 Star Specials this Wednesday, 8:30PM. Together with her real life best friend Aiko Melendez as her guest in the episode ‘Ang Bestfriend Kong Kabit’.

(Note: image used is credits to Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez)

Most Effective Female TV Commercial Endorser Official Poster


The Myx K-POP Special Magazine Launch

Can’t wait for June 20? Do you want to be the first in your friends to get a copy of MYX K-Pop Special magazine issue? Well, MYX Philippines gives you an opportunity to buy and have a copy of their latest magazine issue though their magazine launch. MYX Magazine in cooperation with SM Music box brings you The K-pop Special magazine launch that will be held at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on June 9, 2010, 4:00 - 7:00 pm.

MYX assure that all the fans that will come to the launch will be entertain and enjoy the exciting booth activities and games that they’ve prepare. And aside from this, they also have special screenings of past ASIA MYX episodes! One of the cutest and coolest VJ's of MYX, VJ Chino will also be there to participate in the said launch!

Booth activities:
1. K-pop special photowall and photobooth
2. Get your hair styled like your fave K-pop stars for free at the K-pop salon
3. photo op with k-pop standees
4. selling of k-pop CDs from top record labels

Stage activities:
1. viewing of exclusive k-pop videos and episodes of Asia MYX
2. game segments with special prizes from Sm Music Box and MYX Magazine
3. performances by top k-pop fan groups.

Myx will also give instant freebies and K-pop special items during the event. Be the first to grab a copy of this year's BIGGEST and MOST COMPREHENSIVE K-pop Magazine! Mark your calendar this June 9. I’m sure my friend ‘lorena’ will definitely participate in this magazine launch. Congrats MYX! Go3x.


The no. 1 music magazine in the Philippines dropping their biggest bomb this June. I’m sure all of K-POP fanatics will be blissful to this June 2010 issue of MYX. What is it? THE MYX MAGAZINE K-POP SPECIAL! And who is on the special cover for the said issue? No other than the tremendous group of 2010, Super Junior. Inside the MYX magazine June 2010 issue are backstage insights and photos of these ten cute guys in their recent trip to Manila! 

And that’s not all MYX readers. Since the no.1 music in the Philippines loves you so much, they’re also featuring the best acts to come out of Korea! MYX Magazine have articles on 2AM, 2ne1, 2rM, 4Minute, After School, BEAST, Big Bang, BoA and super many more!

Why this latest magazine issue is so special?  The copy of the magazine this June is much bigger than their regular magazine size ever. So your money to pay is absolutely worth.

How much this magazine issue? MYX Mag K-Pop Special is only 95 pesos. The magazine will be available on newsstands and bookstores starting June 20 in all over the Philippines.  But if you want to be ahead with your friends, just go to the event on June 9 at SM MOA. (more info about this in my next blog).

(Note: image used is credits to MYX Magazine) 
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