Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zeaven28: I will definitely miss Gladys Reyes in Showtime...

A very shocking moment for the millions of people who’ve watch today episode of Showtime. A very joyful start for the showtimers follows up by an intense competition for the weekly finalists. But for the ‘hurados’ it is a mixed emotion that they’ve feel on that time because they will also know the decision by ‘madlang people’ who’s hurado are they desire to evict for the week. And the moment has come. After Vice Ganda gives a very hilarious-inspirational message to all the judges, it’s time to announce the verdict of ‘madlang people’. Two judges are sure to be expel this week as what the host said before the announcement. And the first one is Aubrey Miles (which is my first choice that will be evicted). And the second judge named by Vhong Navarro (I thought it is between Alex or Jhong) but Vhong declare the name of ‘Gladys’. And my first reaction? What? My family also didn’t expect that Gladys is the second judge that evicted to the show. I’m so very sad at that time and get me more to be sad when Gladys give her thank you and goodbye speech for all. I know that Gladys wants to cry at that moment but she remains to be strong and positive. I really like the last part message that Gladys said. And get me to realize that all of this is true. Gladys is no longer a showtime judge: I will miss her so much. It seems the Showtime lost a jewel in the character of Ms. Gladys Reyes.

Zeaven28 101: 5 Ways to revive the career of Ms. Katrina Halili

Pose in Men’s Magazine
Katrina Halili is considerably known through her covers in men’s Magazine like FHM. It serves a door for Katrina to stardome to gain the success on what she had right now. After she poses in FHM, it seems like it rain pours of shows, movies and endorsements for Katrina. Press media said that among Starstruck Batch 1, Katrina held the biggest success at that time and almost surpass the career status of Jennlyn Mercado (Starstruck Batch 1 Ultimate Survivor). FHM praise Katrina Halili for outstanding sales of her covers magazine in FHM and named as one of the best seller cover girl by FHM. Maybe the biggest achievements that she received that no other female artist have is awarding her as “2-time FHM Sexiest Pinay” in two consecutive years.

But after the major controversy that she involved last year (the sex scandal with Hayden Kho) it seems very hard for Katrina to raise and comeback on the stardome that she have before. Even though she has numerous shows given by GMA Management, it seems the “audience impact” (which I think is very essential for a celebrity to have) to Katrina Halili is not huge and strong like before. As what Katrina Halili said in interviews, she feels that she’s starting all over again. A new life. A new career. And for me, it’s a good idea for Katrina to pose again in a men’s magazine to earn again the sensation that she had before. Yes, the sex video scandal tremendously affects her career. But I believe, thousands of people especially the boys’ wants and requests to see her pose again in a magazine. What do you think? Did you agree?

A big comeback movie
The last movie of Katrina Halili was “Dalaw” an indie horror-suspense film directed by Joven tan under Pixel8 Entertainment Productions. But after that film, there’s no follow up movie was offer to Katrina. I thought before when I was first heard about the movie “Working Girls”, I believe that Katrina will be part of the movie. Sad to say she’s not part of the film. Before the controversy happen, I knew that she’s going to do the remake of ‘Miss X’ which is originally portrayed by the Star for all seasons Ms. Vilma Santos. I remember that Ms. Vilma get interview and get opinion about the remake of ‘Miss X’. She congratulates Katrina halili and gives some advice about doing this movie. But as of now, I don’t hear any news about this movie. I’m looking forward to this movie and hoping Katrina Halili is still to lead the role of ‘Miss X’. This will be a good comeback movie for her if possible. Or if not, a movie for this year MMFF, like ‘Super Noypi’ and ‘One Night Only’. I know if the movie producer will give her a chance to star in a film, I’m sure they will not regret that they get Ms. Katrina as their lead star in a movie.

to be continued...

Zeaven28: Ways to Use Your Unlimited Text Conveniently (Part 1)

Maybe in yourself you are getting bored about the love quotes, jokes or greeting quotes that you’ve send in your friends or textmates. (Same with them, they get shy to tell you. Hehe). And from that, it’s time for you to use the lines from your favorite author or try to get some verse in the bible. Whose Filipino people is not recognize or aware about the famous lines and sayings of Bob Ong? Maybe in a day you’ve receive a quotes from your friends / textmates containing a line or phrase by Bob Ong. In fairness, those quoted lines by Bob Ong are very cute and inspiring. So it is okay to send to your receivers. You can also use the lines and sayings of your favorite author or better to get verse from the Bible. Excellent! That’s the best! Shared these inspiring quotes to make it different! But don’t be too deeply with the quotes that you will send. It is better that it is understandable or easily to recognize by your textmates.

Another way to conveniently use your unlimited text is “never ignore texts”. Yap! We know that you are very handsome or gorgeous (Ha-ha). But try to be nice to others even if you don’t want or feel to text them. Maybe an admirer, stalker, someone who’ve crush on you, classmate that is very bored to text or a friend that is non-sense to text in (Ouch!) Hmm. Once they text you, try to reply with them. Al least 4-5 reply. It is up to you what kind of topic do you want to converse with them. But try to feel to them that you are not ignoring them. It’s very painful. : (

If your feeling bored and you still waiting for the reply of your text mate or your friend, another way to conveniently use your unlimited text is to “send a group message / greeting text. “Good Morning! Have a nice day!” “Good evening! Dinner time!” These are some example of greeting text that you can send. From this, your friends or your classmates will realize that you remember them to text even if it is a group text / message. At least you’ve send them a message. Right? Your purpose only is to greet them. Maybe with this, you can get a reply from them and a start of a good conversation!

 (Maybe some of your picture message or ringtones in your cellphone are getting stock for a longer time. Oops! This is the right time! You usually send them an ordinary text. For a change, send them your coolest picture message or beautiful ringtone that you have on your cellphone. Even if it takes time to send over this media message, this is still okay! A new one from your textmate and friends! : )

Friday, June 4, 2010

Angel Locsin is now leading in FHM 100 Sexiest Women of the world 2010

FHM Sexiest Woman of 2005 Angel Locsin is now currently leading in the partial and unofficial results posted by FHM Philippines as of June 4. Almost 11 days to go before the voting will close. finally Angel Locsin scores to Marian Rivera who’s been no. 1 for 4 consecutive weeks in partial and unofficial results given by FHM Phil. previously.

The most extreme question right now. Can Angel Locsin continuous to lead until the voting ends? Or Marian Rivera will take her reign back? Or the current FHM Sexiest Pinay Christine Reyes will surprise us and continues her supremacy? Only you can answer these questions. I know you will not want your favorite sexiest celebrity to lose this poll. So what are you waiting for? Start on voting again and continuous to campaign your bet until the last minute of voting.

(Note: image used is credits to FHM Philippines)

Anne Curtis graces the cover of Metro Magazine June 2010 issue

Daddy’s little girl embraces her new role as the Philippines’ sweetheart”. This is an article wrote by Audrey N. Carpio  that is included in June 2010 issue of Metro Magazine about their latest cover girl. And who is this Daddy’s little girl turns to Philippines’ sweetheart?  No other than Ms. Anne Curtis. Yap! Another cover for Ms. Anne this month of June. Her first cover was on Chalk Magazine and this is her second magazine cover. Ms. Anne Curtis looks very hot in her red outfit. Simple pose but awfully elegant.

Anne Curtis is currently seen in her shows like Showtime and ASAP XV. As of now, she is in abroad together with Claudine Barretto and Richard Gutierrez that currently shoot their scenes in their upcoming movie ‘In Your Eyes’. Anne Curtis is supposed to do the Koreanovela remake ‘Green Rose’ mutually with Jericho Rosales.

Grab a copy of Metro Magazine JUNE 2010 issue with Anne Curtis on the cover.

Denise Laurel covers the Rogue Magazine June 2010 issue

Alluring Singer-actress Denise Laurel is the latest cover girl of Rogue Magazine in their June 2010 issue. The issue of the Rogue magazine this month is “The State of the Nation”. Ms. Denise looks very stunning in her brownish skin and very impressive look in her latest cover.

Denise Laurel is part of the upcoming Precious Hearts Romances Presents: "Kristine Series" and “Midnight Phantom”. She also part of the hit song “I Will Take You Forever“ together with Kris Lawrence. The last movie by Ms. Laurel is with Christine Reyes and Vic Sotto which is “Ang Darling Kong Aswang”.

Rogue Mazine June 2010 issue with Denise Laurel on the cover is coming out soon in bookstores and newstands nationwide. Congrats to Denise and to the team of Rogue Magazine Company!

It is shot by Mark Nicdao, styled by LA Consing Lopez, makeup by Cristine Duque and hair by John Valle. (Note: image used is credits to Rogue Magazine)

A new loveteam was born: MAIS

Perhaps this must be the sweetest corn that we come across for a long time. Oops! Their not a food! There are the new loveteam that put up by their cutest quarrel. Presenting “MAIS”. MAriel Rodriguez and LuIS Manzano.

We all witness the endearing fight of this two Kapamilya stars in various TV shows like Entertainment Live and now on Wowowee. We encounter their spiciest toss of thoughts and tweets in the twitter world. Even though we see them usually “nag-aasaran” on Philippine Television, we don’t look this as a bad side, but we seem this as “cutest one”. As viewers, we smile and get amuse about these two when they start to argue some issues or ideas. As they say “kung sino pa yung kaaway o kaasaran mo.. siya pa ang taong para sa iyo”.

MAIS is the newest loveteam to watch for that will surely make us laugh and entertain. Luis Manzano is single. and also with Mariel Rodriguez. I don’t see anything wrong if this two will be pair/link in a show or in a movie. Remember the Anne-Luis loveteam? I think these two are on track. We must trail the cute friend-love story of MAIS in the following days and months. And possibly a romantic happy ending will be take place on MAIS loveteam.

(Note: images used are credit to respective owners.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

‘Hating Kapatid’ hits theaters on July 28

Hating Kapatid’ is an upcoming drama-comedy film starring the two biggest stars of Kapamilya network Young Superstar Judy Ann Santos and Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo. This is the first time of this two artist to work together in a project. Other stars included in the movie are Luis Manzano, JC De Vera, Gina PareƱo, Cherry Pie Picache, DJ Durano and featuring Vice Ganda. The movie is directed by Wenn V. Deramas (the director of record-braking Philippine comedy movie of all time, ‘Ang Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat’).

I believe this movie will be a certified blockbuster. It is refreshing to see these two celebrities as one in a movie. The other cast look very enjoyed to watch in this movie together with the two ladies. And also the director is Wenn V. Deramas. One of my favorite directors in Philippine movie. I’m sure this director prepares so much to this movie and we will be amuse and touch again with this film. Definitely!

The much awaited movie of Viva Films will hits in over 100 theaters on July 28. Readers mark your calendar! Because it’s also my birthday! Hehehe : )

(Note: the movie poster used in this blog is credits to Viva Films)

Magazine Covers for June 2010

Are you a magazine collector? Do you love to collect a magazine of your favorite artist/celebrity on cover? Want to know their secrets? Tips? Advice? Stories? Or you just simply love to collect and collect. Well, I will now present to you the different covers of most popular magazine in the Philippines this June 2010. All the magazine covers here is credited to respectively publishing company.

To know more about the magazine issue, just click the caption below the magazine of your desire. (Note: This is not yet complete.. I will right away add a new cover as they post their latest magazine issue here in the internet. But readers don’t expect me to post all the magazine issue in the Philippines. I’m just only post those magazine that on the cover is a celebrity/artist.) Thank you readers! Be sure to grab a copy of one or more of this June 2010 magazine issue by different publishing company. Support our own magazine guys! : )

Here Comes The Bride gross P108 Million in 3 Weeks

The Summer Comedy Movie of the yearHere Comes The Bride’ grossed more than P108 Million in 3 weeks run in theaters nationwide.  This is according to the latest box office sales posted by Box Office Mojo

The hilarious movie is the second Philippine movie that surpasses the P100 million mark this year. The Record Breaking Philippine Movie for 2010 as of now is comes also to Star Cinema which is ‘Miss You Like Crazy’ starring the box office tandem of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. The romantic movie final gross is P 143.25 million.

The comedy movie should earn a plus P 35 million this upcoming 4th and 5th week to beat the final gross of Miss You Like Crazy and hold the no. 1 spot as leading grossing Philippine movie of 2010. Anyway, I would like to congratulate the whole cast of the movie, the director, the staff and the other people behind this comedy film. Two thumb Up for you guys! Pak!

(As of May 30, 2010; Philippine Box Office)

1. Miss You Like Crazy (Star Cinema) – P142.97 million
2. Here Comes the Bride (Star Cinema/Octo Arts/Quantum) – P108.5 million
3. You to Me are Everything (GMA Films/Regal Films) – P101.9 million
4. Babe, I Love You (Star Cinema/Viva Films) – P96.34 million
5. Paano Na Kaya (Star Cinema)  – P82.25 million
6. Working Girls (Viva Films/GMA Films) – P32.32 million

Movies in bold font are still running in theaters, gross not yet final.

You To Me Are Everything Hits the P100 Million Box Office Sales Status

The romantic movie of Marian Rivera and Dingdong DantesYou To Me Are Everything” finally reached the P100 million box office sales in 4 weeks of it’s showing in theaters nationwide. 

The 'DONGYAN' movie earned P 101,909,505. This is the first movie of GMA Films (together with Regal Films) that earns the P100 million status sales this year. And the movie was the third Philippine movie that grossed the P100 million box office sales this year. First is ‘Miss You Like Crazy’ and the second is ‘Here Comes The Bride’. All this record sales are according to Box Office Mojo.

Congratulations to Ms. Marian Rivera and Mr. Dingdong Dantes for their certified box office movie. Also with the other cast, staff, and production team of the movie. To Mr. Mark Reyes, the director of ‘You To Me Are Everything’. And to GMA Films and Regal Films. Congratulations Guys! Maybe, GMA will have a follow up movie for Marian and Dingdong. The movie is still showing in theaters on its 5th week.

Xian Lim – Garage Magazine June/July 2010

Fil-Am Model and Actor Xian Lim is on cover of the latest magazine issue of Garage June/July 2010. Together with him on cover is Brazillian model George Alves. The tag of garage magazine in their latest issue is “Cruise Control”.

Some features talk about in the magazine are “Supreme Team: College’s Next Sport Superstars” “Back to School Style Essentials” and many more.

Xian Lim is part of the newest series of Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla: Elias Paniki together with Jake Cuenca and Sam Pinto.

Garage Magazine special sports/back to school issue is available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide! Be sure to grab your copy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

‘Pilyang Kerubin’ starts to spread her wings on June 7

After ‘Langit sa Piling Mo’, another new GMA show strives to captivate our hearts which is ‘Pilyang Kerubin’. Pilyang Kerubin is an upcoming GMA drama and fantasy series in Philippine television. Starring First Time love team, Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio. And introducing in his first acting salvo in television, Elmo Magalona (the son of Francis and Pia Magalona). The three are starting to promote their new show in different GMA shows and mall tour in Metro Manila. Stars like Angelika dela Cruz, Raymart Santiago, Lotlot de Leon, Jewel Mische and Eddie Garcia are also part of the said show. It is set to debut on June 7 replacing action-fantaserye Panday Kids.

I’ve already see the teaser in commercials. Barbie is very beautiful and charming in her angel attire. To all KAPUSO out there, be sure to watch ‘Pilyang Kerubin’ after 24 ORAS.

(Note: image used is credits to: Pilyang Kerubin Twitter Account)

Anne Curtis Covers Chalk Magazine June 2010 Issue

Dyosa ng BayanMs. Anne Curtis is the latest cover girl of Chalk Magazine for their June 2010 issue. Chalk Magazine labeled their covergirl as “The Hottie Next Door”. Definitely Ms. Anne is very hot female celebrity! She talks about her high school experience and the infamous wardrobe malfunction.

Some of refreshing topics discussed in June issue are: 10 Awesome College Freshmen to Watch, Back-To-School Chic, Freshman Survival Guide and many more!

Chalk Magazine is available in all newsstands nationwide near you! Grab your copy now for only P95!


The much anticipating indie film of the year ‘NOY’ starring Coco Martin is now showing in theaters nationwide. Other artists included in the movie are Erich Gonzales, Cherry Pie Picache, Baron Geisler, Joem Bascon and Vice Ganda. It was released under Star Cinema and directed by Dondon Santos.

I’ve already watched the full trailer in Cinema One a few days ago. And I must say the story is very different nowadays if we compare to other indie films. It seems two worlds that feature on the story. One is for a typical family story and other one is for politics. I’m wondering how will this two will be relate to each other to come up an ideas for people on what is/are the message of the film. So I have to watch the movie to find out the answers on my questions.

I think, Filipino youth and students have got to watch this movie! A perfect to start their school year! Right?

Behind the scenes photos of 'Noy'  
(credits to NOY (THE MOVIE) group page on Facebook)

Watch and Support this movie! Proud to be PINOY!

Jake Cuenca is on cover of Men’s Health Philippines Magazine June 2010 issue

Jake Cuenca is the latest magazine coverboy of Men’s Health Philippines for June 2010 issue.

The June issue of Men's Health Philippines celebrates the FIFA World Cup with fellow World Cup fan and cover guy, Jake Cuenca.  No doubt that Jake Cuenca is one of the hottest male stars in Kapamilya network or even in the world of Phil, showbiz. 

Jake is currently watched on his soap entitled “Rubi” with Ms. Angelica Panganiban (Phak!). He also part of the musical variety show ‘ASAP XV’ and member of hottest male group ‘COVERBOYS’. Jake is also part of upcoming Philippine remake of the Korean drama of the same title aired by SBS (South Korea) which is Green Rose.

Men's Health is available in newstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Behind the Scenes Photos of Jake Cuena (credits to Men's Magazine Philippines):

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After his very successful concert in Araneta Coliseum entitled "May Nag-Text.. 'yung Totoo! Vice Ganda sa Araneta" last May 15, Vice Ganda will surprise all of us again not as a comedy performer but he will try to captivate us in his acting skills. As of now, there are three movies that Vice Ganda has. First is ‘Noy’ starring Coco Martin (which his best friend). Vice Ganda will play the role of Jane. Second movie is ‘Hating Kapatid’ an upcoming family-oriented movie from Viva Films starring Judy Ann Santos and Sarah Geronimo. In Showtime, Vice confirmed that he is included in the movie. The film will be showing on July 28 (my birthday!). And the third movie is his launching film as a lead role in a movie. He will do the remake of ‘Petrang kabayo’ which is originally played by Roderick Paulate. Vice confirmed that Luis Manzano will be part of his launching film. These are the three movies of Vice Ganda this year as of now. Maybe there’s more on the future. Maybe a one movie for Metro Manila Film Festival. Let’s see and wait for that guys!

5 STAR SPECIALS: Ruffa Gutierrez presents ‘PRESO’

Ruffa Gutierrez will play a role of a female prisoner for the final episode of 5 Star Specials: Ruffa Gutierrez.

I’ve already watch the teaser for the upcoming episode of 5 Star Special this Wednesday and it looks like very good and interesting story. Especially for women out there, I think they will get in touch about the story. 

As what I grasp about the teaser, Ruffa will play a wife to Ian De Leon. And then one incident will happen to Ruffa. She will be rape and accidentally she shot a gun to the rapist and from this, she will accuse for a murder and cause her to get in jail. She will get pregnant and the father is not Ian De Leon. The rapist. Then she will birth the child in the jail with the help of her inmate Miriam Quiambao but Ruffa will not recognize the baby as her own child because she knows and believes that the baby is a fruit of crime. Did Ruffa will finally accept what all happens? Or she will choose to be miserable? Well, let’s find out this Wednesday, 7:30 PM. The ‘PRESO’ episode is directed by Gina Alajar.

MEG turns 12 – Billy Crawford, Belle Daza & Luis Manzano on cover for June 2010 issue

Youth Power is the theme of the June 2010 issue of Meg Magazine as they celebrate their 12 years in the business. And who is on the cover? Not just one, not just two. But three! Yap! You read it right. Three striking artists Is on the cover this month by MEG magazine. Specifically Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford and Belle Daza. The three looks very refreshing with their outfit and make-up style.

To more about the latest issue of MEG. You may log on to their official site. Watch out for the June 2010 Magazine issue of MEG in newsstands and bookstores nationwide! :) (Note: image used is credits to MEG Magazine)

Regine Velasquez – Mega Magazine June 2010

Asia’s Songbird and 'Kapuso star' Ms. Regine Velasquez is gracing as the new cover girl for the June issue of Mega magazine. Ms. Regine is very gorgeous in her white and black combination color of dress. In print in her white top is “INIIBIG KO ANG PILIPINAS DAHIL TAYO’Y WORLD CLASS”.

Ms. Regine Velasquez is currently in abroad with a series of concert show together with her boyfriend Ogie Alcasid, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Her kantaserye titled 'Diva' is currently doing good in ratings especially her character as Sam is transform into Melody because of her new look. She also part of musical variety show 'PARTY PILIPINAS'. Ms. Regine Velasquez has also doing a movie with Mr. Aga Muhlach (their 3rd reunion movie) entitled "Of all the Things".

The Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine June 2010 issue is soon to be available in all newsstands nationwide. Grab your copy as the magazine issue release! (Note: image used is credits to Mega Magazine)

Georgina Wilson is on cover of Preview Magazine Philippines June 2010 issue

After KC Concepcion, its Georgina Wilson turns to grace the cover of Preview Magazine Philippines for their 15th Anniversary Issue! How did Georgina land this Preview cover?  Preview Editor-in-chief Pauline Juan said that Georgina was the most requested on the cover by the readers thru Preview magazine's Facebook fan page. According to Preview, this is their thickest issue ever as they celebrate 15 years of fierce fashion. Congrats to Preview and to Ms. Georgina Wilson! She looks very stunning here! Bravo! Happy 15thAnniversary Preview Magazine!

 Watch for it in newsstands and bookstores nationwide! :) Be sure to have a copy this! (Note: image used is credits to Preview Magazine Philippines)

Zeaven28: Who is my bet for FHM Sexiest Women for 2010?

Good Morning readers! I open my yahoo mail today and I received almost 10 different mails from 10 different people. One common about these 10 mails is their asking me who is my bet for this year Sexiest Women by FHM. I’ve decided yesterday that I will endorse and campaign one celebrity for this year Sexiest Women. And today, I’ve made my decision who is this female sexiest pinay. I’ve decided that I will post it on June 10, 5 days before the closing of voting. Please watch out for that readers very very soon : )

Monday, May 31, 2010

Marian Rivera as cover girl for Cosmopolitan Philippines June 2010

After one brightest star from KAPAMILYA (Bea Alonzo), it’s time for KAPUSO’s brightest star to grace the cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines this June. And who is the Kapuso’s cover girl this month? No one else, Ms. Marian Rivera.

 “Learn how you can be as blooming as sizzlin' siren Marian Rivera. See her looking more fun and fearless than ever in this month's issue”. – Cosmopolitan Philippines

Marian Rivera is currently in abroad with Dingdong, Regine and Ogie for a series of concert shows. After she backs in the Philippines, she and Dingdong will continue in taping and promoting their upcoming series which is “Endless Love”. As of now, Marian is currently leading in FHM Sexiest Women for 2010 follow by Angel Locsin and Christine Reyes. Her movie “You to me and everything” is continued to earn success in box office sales. At this time, her two new commercials are air in the television (Maxipeel and Honda).

Cosmopolitan Philippines June 2010 issue is out on newsstands today! Be sure to buy your COPY. : )

Luntayao Family and Jeline Oliva made it to the GRAND FINALS

The fifth batch of semi-finalist is considered the youngest performers group among other batch since most of the contenders are kids.  And last night, we witness whose performers are going to the Grand Finals on June 12 and June 13 at the Araneta Coliseum. All votes are counted. And the 9th Grand Finalist announced and goes to Luntayao Family. They’ve got the highest number of text and online votes among the other contenders. I’ve thought its Harold Jomar Gesulga or Experience Kidz will top the result’s night. The 10th Grand Finalist will be coming from the decision of 3 Judges. And battle out for the 10th spot are Maria Jeline Oliva and Powerpuff Corn (who’ve got the 2nd and 3rd highest of votes). And for the first time, the three judges come up with a unanimous decision and their votes go to Maria Jeline Oliva.

Official Voting Results
(combination from text and online votes)

1. Luntayao Family 28.19%
2. Maria Jeline Oliva 20.62%
3. Powerpuff Corn of Baguio City 18.23%
4. Harold Jomar Gesulga of General Santos City 14.56%
5. Experience Kidz of General Santos City 12.29%
6. Jzan Vern Tero of Cebu City 5.64%

This upcoming week will be the final and last week battle of semi-finalist before the grand finals. Watch the 6th and last Semi-Finals Round on June 5 (Saturday).

Karen Davila and her Son David on the Cover of Wonder Mom for June 2010

Wonder Mom Karen Davila together with her son David is the latest cover of Wonder Mom in their June 2010 magazine issue. 

Ms. Karen Davila shares her stress management techniques, and writes about what she did when she faced the biggest challenges of her life: when her son was diagnosed with autism.

Grab a copy of Working Mom JUNE 2010 issue with Karen Davila and son David on the cover. For mother’s out there, buy your copy now! My mom will buy a copy this week : )

Bianca Gonzalez is Women’s Health Covergirl for June 2010

Ang Dating Boarder ni Kuya” is the latest covergirl of Women’s Health Magazine. Bianca Gonzalez looks very astonishing with her cover in this magazine. 

Bianca is currently hosting Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash and Entertainment Live!, (ABS-CBN) Y-Speak (Studio 23) and Cinema News Alert (Cinema One).

The June 2010 issue of Women's Health (with Bianca Gonzalez on the cover) hits newsstands nationwide! Grab your copy now! Congrats Bianca!

Cogie Domingo is back with a Big Splash about him and Angel Locsin

Cogie Domingo is back in the showbiz circulation. And his first interview to his comeback is on Paparazzi. And the Flash news by Paparazzi about Cogie Domingo is “Cogie Domingo, inilantad ang naging relasyon kay Angel Locsin, biglaang pagkawala dahil sa eskandalong kinasagkutan, INAMIN!”  

According to the interview, Cogie Domingo is hurt that Angel Locsin denied that they were together as a couple before. In a tweet by Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez she said “I LOVE @143redangel :) Whatever Cogie Domingo said in his interview will not change at how I look at Gel. I'll always be on her side”. After a few hours, Ms. Ruffa tweet Ms. Angel about the interview of Cogie Domingo. And Ms. Ruffa tweet “Hi Gel! Nagpa interview si Cogie that u were together daw n he took u to the States. I'll retweet that hindi naging kayo.” And after minutes, Ms. Angel replied and she said  “Hindi ko pa po nakita yung interview, but NOT TRUE po na naging KAMI ni cogie. Thanks guys :) yan muna sa ngayon :)” And Ms. Ruffa replied to the tweet by Ms. Angel “Huwag mong intindihin Gel. Ganyan talaga pag sikat...maraming intriga. What's impt is family & close friends know the REAL you.

    Do you think this issue is true? Or this is just only a publicity of Cogie’s camp? I watch in SNN that he has an indie movie with Cid Lucero.

Is Toni Gonzaga will be the new host of The Buzz?

After Ms. Kris Aquino announced that she will be leaving the buzz this upcoming June 27 and also SNN on June 25, one question are now circulating inside and outside the showbiz world. Who will be the one to take over Ms. Kris Aquino as host in ‘The Buzz’? Many aspiring artists are named but still there’s no final decision with the ABS-CBN Management and the show itself. But as I strongly heard and sees in some article, it seems like Toni Gonzaga is on the top among Kapamilya talents chosen by ABS-CBN. According to the article in, Ms. Toni Gonzaga said that everything is in negotiation process. Nothing is final until after her meeting with the network’s executives this last weekend. (See the article)
Ms. Toni Gonzaga is currently hosting Entertainment Live and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash. She also in the musical variety show ASAP XV. And she is currently taping with her new soap which is Kokey @ Ako with Vhong Navarro. So will just wait for the decision of ABS-CBN, if Toni Gonzaga is the new host of ‘The Buzz’.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Maybe you are getting curious about the teaser being aired in ABS-CBN channel that showing M3. It looks like a new show of KAPAMILYA Station. So what do you mean by M3?  

M3 or Malay Mo, Ma-inlove is an upcoming romantic comedy show starring the Heartthrob of Philippine Cinema Mr. Aga Muhlach and the Comedy Concert Queen Ms. Ai-Ai delas Alas. It also stars Nina Jose, Nico Antonio, Dick Israel, and many more. Directed by the award-winning director Jeffrey Jeturian. The said newest comedy show will air once a week. Exciting!

Mariel and Zanjoe break up. CONFIRMED!


It's been a week of speculations about the said issue that gets strongly when Mariel is linked to Mr. Robin Padilla especially when the time Robin is hosting Wowowee. Many people observe about the extra sweetness of this two in the said show but Mariel clarified even before that Mr. Robin Padilla is just only showing respect, care and kindness as colleagues in the show and even with her other co-hosts. And people get more speculate about the rumored break up with Zanjoe, when Robin Padilla says goodbye to the show on his two weeks hosting. Mariel gets emotional during the farewell day of Mr. Padilla in Wowowee.

And yesterday in Entertainment Live, Mariel breaks her silence about the issue of rumored break up with Zanjoe Marudo. With the words coming up from Mariel in her interview, she didn’t literary said that “yes, wala na kame”. But from the statements and explanations she held, we can say that their really no longer a couple. There are three main speculations why they broke up. First, their extra sweetness of Robin Padilla in the show. Second, third party issue and Christene Reyes was name since Zanjoe and Christene are working now in Precious Hearts Romances: Kristene Series. And the third issue is Zanjoe decided to prioritize his work over their relationship since we all know that Zanjoe is breadwinner in his family. But all of these speculations is not true as what Mariel said. In the interview, Mariel try her best to not get emotional and she try to get to be calm and jolly. At the end of interview, Mariel said that she and Zanjoe are still good friends and still communicate with and support each other.

You can log on to abs-cbn official website to read the full interview by Ms. Mariel. (Note: pictures used are credits to ABS-CBN)
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