Saturday, May 15, 2010

Twitter Accounts of Filipino/Pinoy Celebrities/Politicians (FIRST BATCH)

Real Twitter Accounts of Filipino/Pinoy Celebrities/Politicians

iamsuperbianca - Bianca Gonzales
tintinbabao - Tintin Bersola-Babao
luckymanzano - Luis Manzano
AgustinMarvin - Marvin Agustin
iamjohnprats - John Prats
Karen_Davila - Karen Davila
iampinkywebb - Pinky Web
cesdrilon - Ces Drilon
paolobediones - Paolo Bediones
shainagm - Shaina Magdayao

itsmekrisaquino - Kris Aquino
IamAngelicaP - Angelica Panganiban
iheartricaparas - Rica Paras
kellymisa - Kelly Misa
chitomirandajr - Chito Miranda
143redangel - Angel Locsin
karitonkid - Efren PeƱaflorida
MsLeaSalonga - Lea Salonga
tjmanotoc - TJ Manotoc
MissIzaCalzado - Iza calzado

ilovegeorgina - Georgina Wilson
piaguanio - Pia Guanio
sam_yg - Sam Gogna
pokwang27 - pokwang
chris_tiu - Christopher Tiu
lizzzuy - Liz Uy
MARoxas - Mar Roxas
elybuendia9000 - Ely Buendia
itsmemarielt - Mariel Rodriguez
DrewArellano - Drew Arellano

djmotwister - Mo Twister
iyavillania - Iya Villania
juliusbabao - Julius Babao
1ricoblanco - Rico Blanco
annecurtissmith - Anne Curtis
saabmagalona - Saab Magalona
SayChiz - Chiz Escudero
kc_concepcion - KC Concepcion
iloveruffag - Ruffa Gutierrez
iamtimyap - Tim yap

piamagalona - Pia Magalona
mondgutierrez - Raymond Gutierrez
piacayetano - pia cayetano
sarahlahbati - Sarah Alzol Lahbati
tuesday_v - Tuesday Vargas
boyroccorocco - Rocco Nacino
Shirubang - Steven Silva
MarieLuna - paulene luna
bubblesparaiso - bubbles Paraiso
ehraisms - Ehra Madridal

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2nd BATCH Coming Soon : )

Falling in Love by SIX PART INVENTION

Good Morning readers. Are you a fanatic of “Agua Bendita” show in ABS-CBN? Are you Team Agua? Or Team Bendita? Or you likely most the Team Wowa? : )

Are you getting in love when Agua and Ronnie see’s each other at the beach? Accompanied by a sweet music background. Did you hear that song? A song that has a lyrics something like this "Why o why. Do i feel this way" Did you already remember? But for the viewers like me, i only heard the chorus of the song. And from that, I started to wonder what the title of this song is? I immediately search this song through internet in google and youtube. And i took 2 hours before I knew what is the title and the full lyrics of the song. And also who is the one who sing it.

Falling in Love
(Six Part Invention)
Words & Music by: Rey Cantong

You and me, we got along just fine
But deep inside I know there is more
Right next to you
I know you're the right one
Can't fight this feeling, I'm taking chances now

In my heart I feel that this is something real
I don't wanna let this moment go

Why oh Why, Do I feel this way?
When I'm with you I feel so alive
Why oh Why, will I hide away
I can't help it
I'm FALLING IN LOVE with you

Never ending nights when I'm alone with you
A lifetime of dreams coming true
Nothing comes close to what we have right now
You're the only one that matters now

In my heart I feel that this is something real
I don't wanna let this moment go


What if I fall in love?
What if I make you mine?
I wanna know if you'll be there by my side

I saw this lyrics personally in their profile in FRIENDSTER. this is the link . Sad to say, the song is not yet been release and available. Patient guys! I'm sure this song  will be release very soon, because there are thousands of music lover in the Philippines who requested  for this song . For the sneak preview about this song, you may watch this video. ->
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