Friday, December 10, 2010

Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards: Erich-Enchong Tandem is the Most Liked Pinoy Showbiz Loveteam of 2010

The tandem of Erich & Enchong (for Tanging Yaman & I Do) is ruled the first ever Most Liked Pinoy Showbiz Loveteam Poll conducted by Pinoybizsurfer for their 1st Annual Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards

And today, we would like to officially proclaim Erich-Enchong Tandem for being the Most Liked Pinoy Showbiz Loveteam of 2010.

The pride on-screen partner of ABS-CBN earned and gathered the most number of votes as the poll end last night. Erich-Enchong (Tanging Yaman & I Do) receives total votes of 1,521. In fact, it was really a close fight between Erich-Enchong & Angel-John Lloyd. The on-screen partner from Imortal gathered 1,487 votes. But the tandem of Erich-Enchong remains unbeatable at the no. 1 spot until the end of voting. It was a very impressive for this loveteam because they sustain their lead for several days despite of the tough campaign of other love team’s supporters. Placing at no. 3 is another Kapamilya loveteam of 2010, Kim-Gerald with 1,176 votes. The newest loveteam of Kapuso Network, Elmo-Julie Anne ends at no. 4 with 1,060 votes. And on the 5th place, it was a tie for Alex-Kean (BFGF) and Melai-Jason (PBB & Melason in the City).

The poll for the Most Liked Pinoy Showbiz Loveteam of 2010 started last November 9 and just ended last night, December 9, 2010. But unlike in our first poll for the 1st award, only one contender will be declared as a WINNER. Only one nominee will be crowned and hailed as the 1st ever Most Liked Pinoy Showbiz Loveteam and many of you voted for the on-screen partner of Erich & Enchong for their teleserye “Tanging Yaman” & film “I Do” this 2010.

Pinoybizsurfer held the final clash for Most Liked Pinoy Showbiz Loveteam of 2010 Poll on our Official Facebook Page. Online users and surfers cast their votes by clicking “like” under the photo of their liked loveteam. The poll for the Most Liked Pinoy Showbiz Loveteam of 2010 has collected 14,401 unique votes.

Here are the final results:

Again from Pinoybizsurfer Team, we would like to extend our thank you to all of you as our readers and supporters for the very warm support that you gave in our 2nd Award for our first ever Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards. Thank you for your participation and votes! 

Please keep on supporting our current polls and the polls that we will be going to release for the remaining awards! Thank you very much guys! Advance Merry Christmas! : )
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