Friday, October 22, 2010

Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards

Hey readers! Pinoybizsurfer is back with another remarkable event in cyber world! We were very excited to officially open our 1st Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards

This is another original annual voting poll for all Online Pinoy Showbiz Surfers out there. We already make a history a few months ago as you participate in our 3 annual polls namely “Most Effective Female TV Commercial Endorser”, “Most Effective Male TV Commercial Endorser” and “Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity” (click the title to see who the winners are).

And as we closely to the end of the year 2010, Pinoybizsurfer decided to launch a new award giving body through online form entitled “Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards”. 10 exciting awards will be given away and you as our reader have the power to vote who do you think is deserve for each titles being survey by our website. Voting is FREE. As long as you connected to the World Wide Web, you can participate! 

Voting period for every award will takes 3 weeks. We will discuss further the other mechanics as we open the first poll this upcoming October 22, Saturday. So stay tune for that! : )
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