Saturday, October 30, 2010

Most Liked Pinay Celebrities of 2010 – The Top 20

The opening round is over! After a week of voting, Pinoybizsurfer collected a total of 14, 524 cast votes from all who've participate to vote in our first poll for Most Liked Pinay Celebrities of 2010 as part of our “1st Online Showbiz Surfers Choice Awards”. 

The voting was officially open last Saturday, October 23 and just ended a few hours ago today. As we noted, only the first 20 stars that got a huge votes will advance to the next selection and the remaining 30 female celebs that got a lowest votes will be eliminated. Below is the final standing of the 50 female pinay celebrities corresponds with the total votes and percentage they’ve received.

The Top 20

For the meantime, here is the list of Pinay Celebrities who almost made it to our Top 20:

Tomorrow, we will be officially open the second round that will be take place in our Official Facebook Fan Page. Note: All the votes they received in the opening round will not be counted and added to the scores that they will get in the second round. All will be going back to zero. 

Other details will be announced tomorrow. But for now, Congratulations to the 20 Pinay Celebrities who made it to the next round! : ) Spread the good news! : )
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