Friday, October 1, 2010

Coco Martin is on the cover of Garage Magazine October/November 2010

Prince of Indie Films, Coco Martin is the latest coverboy of Garage Magazine for their October/November 2010 issue. The said magazine labeled Coco as “The New Leading Man”

No wonder that he is the novel leading man of ABS-CBN today. Coco appears very fresh and handsome on this cover.

Garage Magazine considered their latest issue as their BIG STYLE ISSUE yet! Inside this issue are “150+ Runaway Hits”, “Busted! The best ways to manage stress”, “Best New Trends” and so much more! Plus! Kanye West, Emmanuelle Vera and James Torres.

Grab a copy of this latest issue of Garage Magazine with Coco Martin on cover at your favorite newsstand and bookstore nationwide.
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