Friday, August 6, 2010

A see-saw battle between Kim Chiu and Angel Locsin: Jennylyn Mercado ranked at no. 3 spot – [First Week Results]

As we open the poll last July 29, we are glad to inform you loyal Pinoybizsurfer readers that as of August 6 at exactly 10AM, the poll for the ‘Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity’ received a total of 5,294 unique votes, 151 comments and 10,346 page views. And whose young female celebrity takes the lead? No other than ‘The Princess of Philippine Movies and TV for 2010’ Kim Chiu. Kim received a total of 2,024 unique votes or 38.23% of the overall votes. Trailing at 2nd place is another Kapamilya big star Angel Locsin. Angel received 1,794 unique votes or 33.89% of the overall votes. Angel Locsin dominates the poll on July 30 and 31. But on August 1 (Sunday), Kim Chiu overtakes Angel on the no. 1 spot and continued to lead until August 2 (Monday). But on August 3 (Tuesday), Angel reclaims the no. 1 spot. But it seems the fans of Kim Chiu were eager to make their idol to be on top and this cause to Kim to reclaim the spot over Angel on August 4 until now. Can Kim Chiu maintain the lead over 11 contenders? Can Angel make it to the no. 1 spot again? Or we will be having a new leader in the character of remaining young female celebrity nominees.

Meanwhile Kapuso Star and Starstruck’s First Ultimate Survivor Jennylyn Mercado ranked at no. 3 with 440 unique votes. Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo grabs the 4th spot with 439 unique votes. While Dyosa ng Bayan Anne Curtis placed at no. 5 with total unique votes of 210.

Here is the first week voting results as of August 6, at 10AM.

1. Kim Chiu – 2,024 unique votes or 38.23%
2. Angel Locsin – 1,794 unique votes or 33.89%
3. Jennlyn Mercado – 440 unique votes or 8.31%
4. Sarah Geronimo – 439 unique votes or 8.29%
5. Anne Curtis – 210 unique votes or 3.97%
6. Marian Rivera – 194 unique votes or 3.66%
7. Carla Abellana – 45 unique votes or 0.85%
8. KC Concepcion – 43 unique votes or 0.81%
9. Rhian Ramos – 39 unique votes or 0.74%
10. Heart Evangelista – 35 unique votes or 0.66%
11. Bea Alonzo – 25 unique votes or 0.47%
12. Isabel Oli – 6 unique votes or 0.11%

Pinoybizsurfer decided that starting today and until August 8 (Sunday), 11PM, the website will show the voting results not only the percentage but also the current no. of votes of each nominee.

So continue on voting for your bet as ‘Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity’. 1 vote = 1 IP Address or simply 1 vote = 1 computer. So don’t worry about the voting result! Repeat voters option is block. We set the poll in option to block IP Address and Cookies. So vote who do you think is deserve to the title as “Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity”! Voting will close on August 27, 2010. So spread this poll to your friends and don’t let your bet to be the least among other contenders.
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