Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Week to vote for 2010’s Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity

Calling all the avid followers and fans of Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, Bea Alonzo, Carla Abellana, Heart Evangelista, Isabel Oli, Jennylyn Mercado, KC Concepcion, Kim Chiu, Marian Rivera, Rhian Ramos and Sarah Geronimo. We are now down for the last week on voting and on August 27, at 9PM as the annual poll will officially closed, we will find out who dominate the poll and will hail as the First ever Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity’.

For the Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity Poll, we let the viewers and readers vote who’ve they think is deserve for this title. The keyword for this title is ‘Photogenic’. What is the meaning of photogenic? 

According to the Wikipedia, A photogenic subject (generally a person) is a subject that usually appears physically attractive or striking in photographs. All the nominees are very glamorous and fine-looking but there is one, two or more that outstand among others.

As of 8am today (August 21), Kim Chiu still undefeated at the no. 1 position with a total vote of 3,904 unique votes or 38.26% of the total votes. Placing at no. 2 is Angel Locsin with a total vote of 3027 unique votes or 29.67% of the total votes. Kim is up by 877 votes against her topper contender Angel. Jennylyn Mercado, Sarah Geronimo and Marian Rivera maintain their position from last week.

Here is the third week voting results as of August 21, at 8am.
1. Kim Chiu – 3,904 votes / 38.26%
2. Angel Locsin – 3,027 votes / 29.67%
3. Jennylyn Mercado – 987 votes / 9.67%
4. Sarah Geronimo – 702 votes / 6.88%
5. Marian Rivera – 607 votes / 5.95%
6. Anne Curtis – 382 votes / 3.74%
7. KC Concepcion – 149 votes / 1.46%
8. Carla Abellana – 131 votes / 1.28%
9. Heart Evangelista – 124 votes / 1.22%
10. Bea Alonzo – 105 votes / 1.03%
11. Rhian Ramos – 76 votes / 0.74%
12. Isabel Oli – 9 votes / 0.09%

Pinoybizsurfer decided that we will show the current voting results (not only the percentage but also the current no. of votes of each nominee) until the poll will close on August 27, 9PM.

So continue on voting for your bet as ‘Most Photogenic Young Female Celebrity’. 1 vote = 1 IP Address or simply 1 vote = 1 computer. Cast your vote now! Voting Poll is located at the right side of the website!

Spread this poll to your friends and don’t let your bet to be the least among other contenders.

Here is the Promotional Video:

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