Monday, July 19, 2010

Six Part Invention – Songs of D-Votion Album

The band behind the romantic song ‘Falling in Love’ of Agua and Ronnie in the top rating show Agua Bendita finally released their latest album entitled Songs of D-Votion. The carrier single from their latest album was ‘Falling in Love’ which is played in Agua Bendita when the lead characters of Andi Eigenmann as Agua and Matteo Gudicelli as Ronnie meet along the beach.

Here is the track listing of Six Part Invention's "Songs of D-Votion" Album:
 1. Falling In Love (music video)
2. The Club
3. Never Letting Go
4. Til The End
5. Falling In Love
6. Better Than This
7. The game
8. MYN 11 (instrumental)
9. Pangarap Na Mahal
10.  Waiting For Your Love
11.  Pagtatanong
12.  Hallucination
13.  Falling In Love (piano version)
14.  Pangarap Na Mahal

About the Band:
The band’s members are Kaye Malana on lead vocals, Rey Cantong on guitar and lead vocals, Andy dela Cruz on bass guitar and Tag Cantong on drums & percussion instruments. Rey is also the album’s producer & song arranger for all tracks in the album.

Songs of D-Votion is released by Alpha Music and is now available in all record bars. Support OPM Music and buy the original copy only! For the music video of Falling In Love, click HERE.
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