Sunday, July 4, 2010

Is Jhong Hilario’s saga as Showtime judge will end this week?

The sample boy judge of Showtime, Jhong Hilario is 0.90% away to be vote off yesterday in The Eviction Day. Nikki Valdez and Jon Santos are the latest evictee judges in Showtime. Nikki Valdez got the highest no. of votes through text while Jon Santos got the highest no. of votes through audience. Jhong Hilario rank no. 3 to be vote out with a total percentage of 24.10%. While Donita Rose got the lowest total percentage of votes from the combination of text and audience votes to be voted off.

The mechanics to be vote off is very simple. Every week, one or more judges will be voted off. In this portion called Burado o Hurado, The Eviction Day, the live audience will write one name from the four judges that they want to evict while the viewers at home may evict judge/s through text. If a judge gets more than 25% from the total percentage of votes (combination votes from audience and texters), he or she is evicted.

Jhong Hilario holds the record of the longest remained judge with 21 weeks. Second at him was Gladys Reyes (15 weeks) and on the third place goes to Andrew E. (10 weeks). Almost 3 weeks left before the 1st Grand Finals of Showtime. Can Jhong Hilario make it as remain judge in the Grand Finals?  Or his longest reign as judge will end this upcoming week?


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