Monday, July 12, 2010

Agua Bendita vs. Endless Love: The battle begins tonight!


The two top rating shows of the two biggest stations of the Philippines will now getting face-off in primetime block. As Noah will premiere tonight, Agua Bendita moves to its new timeslot and now facing the no. 1 primetime TV shows of Kapuso station, which is Endless Love. The TV ratings battle seems very interesting now as the two top ratings show will vying for the no. 1 spot. If we go back, Agua Bendita is consistent no. 1 in Mega Manila and National TV Ratings for several months. But as Endless Love starts to premiere, the show seems threat in Agua Bendita’s reigning at the no.1 spot. And last week, Endless Love breaks the record of Agua Bendita's supremacy and hit the top spot in Mega Manila. 

As the two TV shows finally meet in primetime block, which TV shows will now reign and supreme in Mega Manila and National TV Ratings? The journey of the twins or the eternal romance of two lovers?


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