Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zeaven28: My bet for FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman of 2010

Who is my bet for FHM Sexiest Women for 2010? This is my blog I posted June 1, 2010 (Tuesday). For those who did not yet read this blog, just click THIS. I said in my blog that I’ve already made a choice that who I will campaign and support for this year’s Sexiest Woman of FHM. For a blogger like me, I don’t see anything wrong if I will post my bet for this year poll by FHM. It’s my opinion and choice. Aside for being a blogger, I’m also a fan like you who want to support a single celebrity. I’ve decided to post it since hundreds of people email me and asking me on my Facebook Account who is my personal choice for this prestigious title. And the long wait is over. This is it!

FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman’. The most dominant word for this title is ‘Sexiest’. As an individual, we have different views and criteria about what is sexy is? But I think for this word ‘sexy’ that being stress by FHM is ‘the sexiest and stunning FIGURE or BODY’. Yes, we have numerous sexy Filipina celebrities nowadays but there is one that outstands and shines among the others. I just base my criteria in only one and that is ‘figure of body’. And I choose Ms. Angel Locsin as this year’s FHM Sexiest Woman. Why Angel? Just look for the FHM May 2010 issue (which Angel is the cover girl). Looks how fabulous her body was on that magazine. That’s it. I think this is the most astonishing cover that FHM have so far this 2010. And among her nine contenders for the no. 1 spot this year, Angel is exceptionally deserve to crown as FHM Sexiest Woman for 2010. “A body that will takes you feels in heaven”.

I’m encouraging other people to promote their own bet as what I did right now. Almost 5 days left to vote, so I encourage all the fans out there to vote their favorite female artist. So whatever happen, if Angel, Marian, Christine or other artists will win as this year Sexiest Pinay; guys let’s accept it! The one thing that we can do right now is VOTE, VOTE and VOTE. As what they said “Every second counts”. So don’t waste your time to accuse or argue with other people. The most important is to VOTE. With regards of manipulation issue, all I can say is that ‘God is always watching us’. Good night readers! Zeaven28 OUT.
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