Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zeaven28 101: 5 Ways to revive the career of Ms. Katrina Halili

Pose in Men’s Magazine
Katrina Halili is considerably known through her covers in men’s Magazine like FHM. It serves a door for Katrina to stardome to gain the success on what she had right now. After she poses in FHM, it seems like it rain pours of shows, movies and endorsements for Katrina. Press media said that among Starstruck Batch 1, Katrina held the biggest success at that time and almost surpass the career status of Jennlyn Mercado (Starstruck Batch 1 Ultimate Survivor). FHM praise Katrina Halili for outstanding sales of her covers magazine in FHM and named as one of the best seller cover girl by FHM. Maybe the biggest achievements that she received that no other female artist have is awarding her as “2-time FHM Sexiest Pinay” in two consecutive years.

But after the major controversy that she involved last year (the sex scandal with Hayden Kho) it seems very hard for Katrina to raise and comeback on the stardome that she have before. Even though she has numerous shows given by GMA Management, it seems the “audience impact” (which I think is very essential for a celebrity to have) to Katrina Halili is not huge and strong like before. As what Katrina Halili said in interviews, she feels that she’s starting all over again. A new life. A new career. And for me, it’s a good idea for Katrina to pose again in a men’s magazine to earn again the sensation that she had before. Yes, the sex video scandal tremendously affects her career. But I believe, thousands of people especially the boys’ wants and requests to see her pose again in a magazine. What do you think? Did you agree?

A big comeback movie
The last movie of Katrina Halili was “Dalaw” an indie horror-suspense film directed by Joven tan under Pixel8 Entertainment Productions. But after that film, there’s no follow up movie was offer to Katrina. I thought before when I was first heard about the movie “Working Girls”, I believe that Katrina will be part of the movie. Sad to say she’s not part of the film. Before the controversy happen, I knew that she’s going to do the remake of ‘Miss X’ which is originally portrayed by the Star for all seasons Ms. Vilma Santos. I remember that Ms. Vilma get interview and get opinion about the remake of ‘Miss X’. She congratulates Katrina halili and gives some advice about doing this movie. But as of now, I don’t hear any news about this movie. I’m looking forward to this movie and hoping Katrina Halili is still to lead the role of ‘Miss X’. This will be a good comeback movie for her if possible. Or if not, a movie for this year MMFF, like ‘Super Noypi’ and ‘One Night Only’. I know if the movie producer will give her a chance to star in a film, I’m sure they will not regret that they get Ms. Katrina as their lead star in a movie.

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