Sunday, June 20, 2010

Will it be Angel, Christine or Marian?

I almost received a hundred of emails and messages in my facebook and yahoomail account that asking me who tops for FHM Sexiest Women this year. Apparently guys, I also don’t know who tops this year’s FHM poll. But as I observed in some forums, it’s a battle between Angel and Christine. But Marian is also a top contender. Remember, way back on 2008 that Marian zoom the lists and crowned as FHM Sexiest Pinay.

The poll gets more exciting since we all know all of these three girls are already crowned as FHM Sexiest Pinay in the past years. Angel Locsin on 2005, Marian Rivera on 2008 and the current title holder Christine Reyes. Three girls are vying for the label as 2-time FHM Sexiest Pinay. Will it be Angel, Christine or Marian? Find out this July 2010 issue of FHM Philippines Magazine.


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