Monday, June 7, 2010

Zeaven28: Ways to Use Your Unlimited Text Conveniently (Part 2)

If there’s no one really reply to your messages (friends, classmates or relatives) I think you can try this option. Bu it is more difficult than the other option because aside that you are the one who is responsible to your group/clan as a leader, your are also the one who will maintain and manage the organization as many people/texters that interested to join in your clan. The good thing about this, you will meet or discover new people that you can be as your new friend/textmate. But at the end of the day, the option is still in yours if you will make this clan stay longer or not. As I talk in some clan master, they said that as a clan master, 80-90% that you must have a load to update or inform the members with new comers and happenings.

Oops! Is your feeling getting out burst right now? Wait! Just read it first. In our bored mood, we try to find a way to fight this mood and find a thing that will make us happy and chill. Other people, they find a flame textmate (Ooh. So Hot!) While others send a message with unknown people. But another option that you can try to do “text your enemy”. For what reason? Duh! I don’t know too. I’m just blogging here okay! : ) In seriously note, the good purpose of this, is to have a conversation with him/her. In this case, there is possibility that both of you can make things right or settle all the bad memories that happened in both of you. But still it’s up to you what will be the outcome or result of your conversation. You know to yourself what things can make harmful or good to you. Good luck! Let’s go to the next option.

It’s up to your fingertips on how you will be sweet in your text. Always remember in your mind that it must be sincere and genuine. In your friends, lovers, classmates, parents or relatives. It’s up to you! You can send them a personal text asking them some questions that you showing care and love with them. Through this, he/she will feel that he/she was important to you.

Maybe you try all of this alternative option, and now we’ve reach to the next level. “Effort to the max”. Try to do all the option that stated a while ago if you think you can do all of this. Superhero? Just Kidding! Just make sure that your cellphone battery is in full charge mode. And that’s it! Flood them with text! You can also send different context of text. Like some part of the lyrics of a song, short stories or try to narrate or to tell what scenes that you’ve watch on TV. Good luck!

If you have an ability, knowledge and creativity to make quotes, lines or sayings, then this option is for you. Excellent! Continue this journey! Maybe in the mere future, you will be discover and be famous like Bob Ong in your wonderful talent. Always remember that you must not forget to indicate your name or codename in very quotes that you will send to be recognize that you’re the one who made it.

I hope that I help you in a small way on how you will conveniently use your unlimited text, there is more option you can do. Just always remember what is right and what is wrong. Maybe in just one text that you’ve send, your life or their views to you can possible to change. Just be yourself! Happy Texting!


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