Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zeaven28: Ways to Use Your Unlimited Text Conveniently (Part 1)

Maybe in yourself you are getting bored about the love quotes, jokes or greeting quotes that you’ve send in your friends or textmates. (Same with them, they get shy to tell you. Hehe). And from that, it’s time for you to use the lines from your favorite author or try to get some verse in the bible. Whose Filipino people is not recognize or aware about the famous lines and sayings of Bob Ong? Maybe in a day you’ve receive a quotes from your friends / textmates containing a line or phrase by Bob Ong. In fairness, those quoted lines by Bob Ong are very cute and inspiring. So it is okay to send to your receivers. You can also use the lines and sayings of your favorite author or better to get verse from the Bible. Excellent! That’s the best! Shared these inspiring quotes to make it different! But don’t be too deeply with the quotes that you will send. It is better that it is understandable or easily to recognize by your textmates.

Another way to conveniently use your unlimited text is “never ignore texts”. Yap! We know that you are very handsome or gorgeous (Ha-ha). But try to be nice to others even if you don’t want or feel to text them. Maybe an admirer, stalker, someone who’ve crush on you, classmate that is very bored to text or a friend that is non-sense to text in (Ouch!) Hmm. Once they text you, try to reply with them. Al least 4-5 reply. It is up to you what kind of topic do you want to converse with them. But try to feel to them that you are not ignoring them. It’s very painful. : (

If your feeling bored and you still waiting for the reply of your text mate or your friend, another way to conveniently use your unlimited text is to “send a group message / greeting text. “Good Morning! Have a nice day!” “Good evening! Dinner time!” These are some example of greeting text that you can send. From this, your friends or your classmates will realize that you remember them to text even if it is a group text / message. At least you’ve send them a message. Right? Your purpose only is to greet them. Maybe with this, you can get a reply from them and a start of a good conversation!

 (Maybe some of your picture message or ringtones in your cellphone are getting stock for a longer time. Oops! This is the right time! You usually send them an ordinary text. For a change, send them your coolest picture message or beautiful ringtone that you have on your cellphone. Even if it takes time to send over this media message, this is still okay! A new one from your textmate and friends! : )


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