Sunday, June 27, 2010

Twitpics from your favorite stars

I want to share to you guys, some of the twitpics uploaded by your favorite stars in their twitter account. Which among this pictures do you like most? : )

uploaded by: @sasylicious
caption: blast from the past @luckymanzano w/ sandara! yaaaayyyy... grabeh muscles ni luis O_O
uploaded by: @pokwang27
caption: Melason meets poohkwang!! Dinner time with banana split family! Thank you john pratts!!

uploaded by: @sasylicious
caption: Goddess @iloveruffag w/ the Gorgeous @143redangel..gotta love them!

uploaded by: @sarahlahbati
caption: i love them hehe : ) 

uploaded by: @itsmemarielt
caption: Its the end of an era!!! @iamsuperbianca and toni next year again.thank u for being my pillars of strength! 

uploaded by: @D_laurel
caption:  @kristineseries miss u guys! 

uploaded by: @DrewArellano
caption: Trudis Liit loves Arn-Arn and me! ♥

uploaded by: Backstage with Chard in our 3D glasses. He's back in party p!
caption: @mondgutierrez

uploaded by: @keancipriano
caption:  Now I have a picture with basha!! Haha 

uploaded by: @annecurtissmith
caption: Hello from Australia guys!!!

If you want to share a twitpic of your favorite star, just send to attach with the photo are information like who’s artist uploaded it, the caption/message, your name and the url address of the picture (example: 

Every Sunday we will post 10 twitpics. : )


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