Thursday, June 24, 2010

Next Level of Competition: ASAP XV vs Party Pilipinas

The competition between the two musical variety shows of the Philippines continues to heat up every week. Even though the Party Pilipinas launched their special concept for June 20 episode entitled ’3D’, ASAP XV wins the ratings in both Mega Manila and TNS. According to the reports, ASAP XV Mega Manila rating is 8.4% while Party Pilipinas got only 5.3%. And from the TNS, ASAP XV gathered 17.5% of rating versus 9.4% in Party Pilipinas. It was safe to say that ASAP XV wins the June 20 race over the rivalry show.

But this week, this two musical variety shows level up the heat and excitement for their viewers as they released their teaser for what will happen for their show on Sunday(June 27). Can ASAP XV maintains the lead? Or Party Pilipinas will grab this week’s race? But one thing for sure, these two shows assure us a 100% entertainment on Sunday. It’s now depends on you which show do you feel to party? ASAP XV or Party Pilipinas? I’m now leaving you the teasers of their event for Sunday. : ) ASAP XV June 27 Teaser Link vs Party Pilipinas June 27 Teaser Link


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