Friday, June 4, 2010

A new loveteam was born: MAIS

Perhaps this must be the sweetest corn that we come across for a long time. Oops! Their not a food! There are the new loveteam that put up by their cutest quarrel. Presenting “MAIS”. MAriel Rodriguez and LuIS Manzano.

We all witness the endearing fight of this two Kapamilya stars in various TV shows like Entertainment Live and now on Wowowee. We encounter their spiciest toss of thoughts and tweets in the twitter world. Even though we see them usually “nag-aasaran” on Philippine Television, we don’t look this as a bad side, but we seem this as “cutest one”. As viewers, we smile and get amuse about these two when they start to argue some issues or ideas. As they say “kung sino pa yung kaaway o kaasaran mo.. siya pa ang taong para sa iyo”.

MAIS is the newest loveteam to watch for that will surely make us laugh and entertain. Luis Manzano is single. and also with Mariel Rodriguez. I don’t see anything wrong if this two will be pair/link in a show or in a movie. Remember the Anne-Luis loveteam? I think these two are on track. We must trail the cute friend-love story of MAIS in the following days and months. And possibly a romantic happy ending will be take place on MAIS loveteam.

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