Thursday, June 3, 2010

Magazine Covers for June 2010

Are you a magazine collector? Do you love to collect a magazine of your favorite artist/celebrity on cover? Want to know their secrets? Tips? Advice? Stories? Or you just simply love to collect and collect. Well, I will now present to you the different covers of most popular magazine in the Philippines this June 2010. All the magazine covers here is credited to respectively publishing company.

To know more about the magazine issue, just click the caption below the magazine of your desire. (Note: This is not yet complete.. I will right away add a new cover as they post their latest magazine issue here in the internet. But readers don’t expect me to post all the magazine issue in the Philippines. I’m just only post those magazine that on the cover is a celebrity/artist.) Thank you readers! Be sure to grab a copy of one or more of this June 2010 magazine issue by different publishing company. Support our own magazine guys! : )


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