Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zeaven28: I will definitely miss Gladys Reyes in Showtime...

A very shocking moment for the millions of people who’ve watch today episode of Showtime. A very joyful start for the showtimers follows up by an intense competition for the weekly finalists. But for the ‘hurados’ it is a mixed emotion that they’ve feel on that time because they will also know the decision by ‘madlang people’ who’s hurado are they desire to evict for the week. And the moment has come. After Vice Ganda gives a very hilarious-inspirational message to all the judges, it’s time to announce the verdict of ‘madlang people’. Two judges are sure to be expel this week as what the host said before the announcement. And the first one is Aubrey Miles (which is my first choice that will be evicted). And the second judge named by Vhong Navarro (I thought it is between Alex or Jhong) but Vhong declare the name of ‘Gladys’. And my first reaction? What? My family also didn’t expect that Gladys is the second judge that evicted to the show. I’m so very sad at that time and get me more to be sad when Gladys give her thank you and goodbye speech for all. I know that Gladys wants to cry at that moment but she remains to be strong and positive. I really like the last part message that Gladys said. And get me to realize that all of this is true. Gladys is no longer a showtime judge: I will miss her so much. It seems the Showtime lost a jewel in the character of Ms. Gladys Reyes.


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