Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Greetings for our FHM Sexiest Pinay 2010 – Angel Locsin

I want to share to you some tweets/greetings of celebrities to our FHM Sexiest Pinay 2010 – Angel Locsin.

Maxene Magalona – “Congratulations, @143redangel, this year's FHM SEXIEST woman! Number one! Woohoo! Love you mars! :) You deserve it! :)”

KC Montero – “Wow @143redangel won at FHM? im gonna call my brother Colby and tell him the news.”

Ehra Madrigal – “congrats to head vamp @143redangel for being FHM's philippines finest this year! you so deserve it! BOOM! love you!!!”

Darla Sauler - “Sa mga hindi pa po nakakaalam, it's official, Angel Locsin is FHM's Sexiest Woman. Congrats again @143redangel! ♥ u mars! -- Wow.. Congrats mars!”

Raymond Gutierrez – “@143redangel congrats on the win Gel! :)”

Saab Magalona – “Congratulations to Ms. Angel Locsin, as this year's FHM Philippines' Sexiest! Congrats @143redangel!”

Folded and Hung - “Folded and Hung is proud of @143redangel for being FHM's #1 Sexiest! Congratulations!”

WELOVEviceganda and COCOholics – “CONGRATULATIONS to @143redangel ! FHM's Sexiest Woman of 2010!”

Bubbles Paraiso -  “Congratulations to this year's---- sexiest woman of the world! @143redangel Woohooo!! :) “

abscbndotcom – “@143redangel congratulations angel! we're so proud to be your kapamilya. :)”

Other greetings came from different fan group like TeamAngelTayo, loveangellocsin, lloydiegels, luckygels, SingleLloydies and many more.

One of the tweets that gets my attention is here!

Ojieocampo said – “Congrats on being no.1 in FHM. I'm a Marian fan and voted for her all the way. It was a battle well fought. You deserve the win.”

Angel Locsin replied: “@ojieocampo Maraming salamat :) congratulations din sa inyo :) we are so blessed talaga sa mga katulad nyong nagmamahal :)”

Message of Angel Locsin to everyone:

“To all my Angels, thank you so much for loving me☺ I am so blessed to have you guys! It's a beautiful feeling to know that I have so many Angels in my life♡ again, thank you! Congratulations to all the girls who made it to FHM's 100 sexiest women in the world☺ Thanks FHM!♡ More power!”

Congratulations to our ARTIST OF THE MONTH Ms. Angel Locsin and to the 99 hot babes that included in hot 100 by FHM this year. Cheers! : )


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