Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 STAR SPECIALS: Ruffa Gutierrez presents ‘PRESO’

Ruffa Gutierrez will play a role of a female prisoner for the final episode of 5 Star Specials: Ruffa Gutierrez.

I’ve already watch the teaser for the upcoming episode of 5 Star Special this Wednesday and it looks like very good and interesting story. Especially for women out there, I think they will get in touch about the story. 

As what I grasp about the teaser, Ruffa will play a wife to Ian De Leon. And then one incident will happen to Ruffa. She will be rape and accidentally she shot a gun to the rapist and from this, she will accuse for a murder and cause her to get in jail. She will get pregnant and the father is not Ian De Leon. The rapist. Then she will birth the child in the jail with the help of her inmate Miriam Quiambao but Ruffa will not recognize the baby as her own child because she knows and believes that the baby is a fruit of crime. Did Ruffa will finally accept what all happens? Or she will choose to be miserable? Well, let’s find out this Wednesday, 7:30 PM. The ‘PRESO’ episode is directed by Gina Alajar.


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