Monday, May 24, 2010

Vice Ganda Vs. Tado


Good Evening Readers! I’m back! I’ve been very busy this day because I went to school to get update about my Transcript of Records. After that my friend Jody and I decided to watch the movie Here Comes the Bride which I will post my reviews about the movie on the following days. Anyway back to our topic! I read a while ago the article in PEP about the confrontation of Vice Ganda and Tado in Showtime. Tado is the new guest judge for the week. And as what I read in the article and also as I watch the video in youtube, the argument start all with the comment of Tado in one of the contestants of the show saying “Pang-GAY” with the performance of the group contestant. With this reaction from Tado, a quick respond come up to Vice Ganda and to contrast about the comment of Tado. And from that, the tension begins to arise from the two judges.

To watch the video click this “VICE GANDA NAINSULTO SA MGA SINABI NI TADO

And after you watched the video, now I’m asking you this question. Who do you think had a better point about this issue?

Vote Now! And Let your voice be heard!


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