Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Do you want a new friend?
If your answer is YES, well this is the site for you.

What you will do? It's very easy.

Send/email the ff.

1. name or username
2. age
3. sex
4. location
5. status
6. short description about yourself
7. facebook/friendster url
8. recent solo picture

send all this information to
All the information you've send will be post to this site and read by other readers.
(The information will be published asap)
This is not a SCAM.
All of this is for enjoyment ONLY : )
Thank you and Have a nice day readers!

(Note: Once you send all the information, you agree that all the information about yours will be publish to this site. If you wish to delete your info, just send an e-mail to . I will be given you only 2 weeks after your info is publicized for deleting of your info. Otherwise, all of your information will be publish permanently.)


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