Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who is your BET to the GRAND FINALS?

Good day readers. In the 3rd semi-finals round last night, the semi-finalist Keith Clark Delleva of Pasay, Velasco Brothers of Batangas, Alexis Carpena of Laguna, Rolando Ng III of Cagayan De Oro, Manolito Saldivar of Dumaguete and Reggie Ramirez of Davao proved why they deserve to be included in the GRAND FINALS of “Pilipinas Got Talent”. And tonight, we will find out who will be enter the grand finals and join the other Grand Finalist Jovit, Ruther, Alakim and Mharki. You, who is your bet? Vote now!

Performance Video Link:

1. Guitarist Keith Clark Delleva of Pasay

2. Breakdancers Velasco Brothers of Batangas

3. Hip-hop Dancer Alexis Carpena of Laguna

4. Rolando Ng III of Cagayan De Oro

5. Tenor Manolito Saldivar of Dumaguete

6. Doble-Kara Singer Reggie Ramirez of Davao

To vote, just log on to Pilipinas Got Talent website to know the procedure in voting thru text and online ->


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