Friday, May 28, 2010

Robin Padilla gets emotional on his last day in Wowowee

After 2 weeks of full of fun and love, Robin Padilla takes his final hosting in Wowowee. The bad boy of Philippine cinema makes an impressive impact in his two weeks guest host that beloved by millions of viewers all over the world. One of the indications is the high ratings received by Wowowee in almost two weeks stay by Mr. Padilla (both Mega Manila and Nationwide). The staff and the girls of wowowee gave tribute and message to IDOL. Proven that they love and appreciate all the efforts of Mr. Padilla. Mariel and Pokwang become emotional as they gave their final message. Considering this two girls are get close with IDOL. Especially Mariel that introduce by Mr. Padilla to his family in the audience seats a while ago. The idol of millions of people gets emotional as he gives his gratitude from the staff of the show, wowowee girls and for the viewers of Wowowee that felt how they love and give support to him for his two weeks run of the show. Even if Mr. Padilla wants to stay to host in Wowowee, he couldn’t as of now because he had a movie with Toni Gonzaga that still on shoot.

Mr. Robin Padilla and the Wowowee Family are having a dinner right now as what Valerie tweet on twitter.

"I'm here at posh nails morato for an interview... Tapos our wowowee family will have an early dinner with mr. Robin Padilla at 5:30 pm... :)"

"Sarap ng pagkain! Kare-kare, calamares, pinakbet, mango salad, adobo flakes, tuna sisig, sinigang, caldereta, turon, buko pandan!!! Waaaaah!"

- iamvconcepcion


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