Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mariel and Zanjoe break up. CONFIRMED!


It's been a week of speculations about the said issue that gets strongly when Mariel is linked to Mr. Robin Padilla especially when the time Robin is hosting Wowowee. Many people observe about the extra sweetness of this two in the said show but Mariel clarified even before that Mr. Robin Padilla is just only showing respect, care and kindness as colleagues in the show and even with her other co-hosts. And people get more speculate about the rumored break up with Zanjoe, when Robin Padilla says goodbye to the show on his two weeks hosting. Mariel gets emotional during the farewell day of Mr. Padilla in Wowowee.

And yesterday in Entertainment Live, Mariel breaks her silence about the issue of rumored break up with Zanjoe Marudo. With the words coming up from Mariel in her interview, she didn’t literary said that “yes, wala na kame”. But from the statements and explanations she held, we can say that their really no longer a couple. There are three main speculations why they broke up. First, their extra sweetness of Robin Padilla in the show. Second, third party issue and Christene Reyes was name since Zanjoe and Christene are working now in Precious Hearts Romances: Kristene Series. And the third issue is Zanjoe decided to prioritize his work over their relationship since we all know that Zanjoe is breadwinner in his family. But all of these speculations is not true as what Mariel said. In the interview, Mariel try her best to not get emotional and she try to get to be calm and jolly. At the end of interview, Mariel said that she and Zanjoe are still good friends and still communicate with and support each other.

You can log on to abs-cbn official website to read the full interview by Ms. Mariel. (Note: pictures used are credits to ABS-CBN)


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