Monday, May 31, 2010

Luntayao Family and Jeline Oliva made it to the GRAND FINALS

The fifth batch of semi-finalist is considered the youngest performers group among other batch since most of the contenders are kids.  And last night, we witness whose performers are going to the Grand Finals on June 12 and June 13 at the Araneta Coliseum. All votes are counted. And the 9th Grand Finalist announced and goes to Luntayao Family. They’ve got the highest number of text and online votes among the other contenders. I’ve thought its Harold Jomar Gesulga or Experience Kidz will top the result’s night. The 10th Grand Finalist will be coming from the decision of 3 Judges. And battle out for the 10th spot are Maria Jeline Oliva and Powerpuff Corn (who’ve got the 2nd and 3rd highest of votes). And for the first time, the three judges come up with a unanimous decision and their votes go to Maria Jeline Oliva.

Official Voting Results
(combination from text and online votes)

1. Luntayao Family 28.19%
2. Maria Jeline Oliva 20.62%
3. Powerpuff Corn of Baguio City 18.23%
4. Harold Jomar Gesulga of General Santos City 14.56%
5. Experience Kidz of General Santos City 12.29%
6. Jzan Vern Tero of Cebu City 5.64%

This upcoming week will be the final and last week battle of semi-finalist before the grand finals. Watch the 6th and last Semi-Finals Round on June 5 (Saturday).


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