Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dress Up your Mozilla Firefox Browser


Are you using a Mozilla Firefox Browser? Well, if your answer is YES then I have something to share for you. I’ve been a mozilla browser user for several years. And I used this than the other browser because it loads a page much faster and I find it easier to customize menu tools. Mozilla can also handle multiple images and videos at the same time in more than one website that does not affect the computer speed. Good Security that gives to the users is my other reason why Mozilla. One day, I was surprise that you can dress up your Mozilla Browser from a standard and typical color and style to more categorize style depends on your sense of mode. Mozilla called this as “Personas”. It easy to use and in a very short time in just some click you can dress up your Mozilla Browser. There are 35,000 designs that you can choose on. And what I’m using right now is a stylish Mozilla logo. So try this new one from Mozilla. And dress up your Mozilla Firefox Browser in your sense and style.

To dress up your Mozilla Firefox Browser right now, just click this MOZILLA FIREFOX PERSONAS.


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