Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cesar Montano is the next Wowowee guest host

Who is the next guest host of Wowowee? This is the question ask by all the viewers of Wowowee. Robin Padilla will end his two weeks of hosting in Wowowee on Friday. Critics and Statistics of ratings prove that hosting of Mr. Padilla is a huge success and accept by the audiences of the said show. Wowowee consistent no. 1 in both Mega Manila and Nationwide Ratings during the hosting of Robin Padilla. As what I read in some article here in the internet, Willie Revillame will be back on Wowowee on August or September. This is the final decision agreed by both parties (Willie and ABS-CBN Management). Now the question is who will be the main host of Wowowee after Robin Padilla? As I read in the tweet by the PEP, the next guest host in Wowowee is Cesar Montano. Yes! You read it right! Cesar Montano will be the next guest host of Wowowee for two weeks after Robin Padilla. Our question in our mind is answered. But the next question is.. Can Cesar Montano fulfill what Robin’s achieve in hosting Wowowee? Well, let see in the upcoming days! Congrats to Mr. Robin Padilla and Good luck to Mr. Cesar Montano.


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